Player of the week and trivia...


What happened to the player of the week contest? 

What happened to trivia questions?

no regularity. I know Aether’s busy. Can there be more contests where poor (pun intended) players like me can have a chances of increasing their gem quota?

suggestions are welcome for contests.

How about giving some 100 gems for the winning alliance apart from the boosts? Many reasons can be attributed for this but the primary one is we cannot fully take part in the league matches because of the war.

Hello an1l75,

For the trivia, there will be another one this weekend.

Giving out 100 gems to an alliance would require me to give manually gems to 60 players or so, depending on the size of the alliance.

Just giving out the reward for the last trivia took me about 4h :grinning:

Great to hear there is another trivia soon Aether.

We will enjoy searching for the answers. Don’t forget the funny ones.

How many winners for the trivia?whais the prize like?previous winner?


In trivia you get questions, for example 10. Depending on the correct answers everyone who sends in his answers, IGN plus name of game can receive gems.

100% correct -> 500 gems. Less correct less gems rewarded, for example 1 answer incorrect -> 250 gems. Too many incorrect answers no gems. When you additionally also give funny answers, you can be rewarded with additional gems.

So everyone who gives all answers correct and replies to the topic (answers of other players are invisible) will be rewarded. The prices are given manually.

Wow,seems interesting.everyone can be a winner.question will be posted here?can we google the answer?

Ok. Thanks for the replies.

Aether has confirmed the closure of “THE PLAYER of THE WEEK” contest in its respective thread.

The gems for the war can be based on the femdom won (some calculation needs to be done). It can be given immediately after the war results come out and it shall be credited to the players who are in the alliance automatically. So you will not have to give the gems manually, and that it will be system based. That is it is a part of the game.

This will just spice up the war-time. People will be interested in winning more and more games. Just a thought, and that they will receive gems at the end if their alliance comes in the top ranks (maybe 1,2, & 3). 



I will forward it to the dev team, but it is not up to me :slight_smile:

Sure Aether, Just wanted to have more suggestions from players so the devs can have a database. They are already coming up with an update. So you never know with the updates. 

Also, there was a thread started by me on an inclusion of a timer in the last battle report (instead of the video). If that can also be forwarded, it will be useful and appreciated.  :slight_smile:


My God, Manually? Where are the great Flaregames devs? No wonder you are overworking and exhausted Aether, your devs are too lazy to write a simplest prog… lol…

edward’s right i am waiting a while now


Completely agree with Ed, those devs should be able to help you make a short program that can help you with that.