Player Patryk343 not visible in current pro rank

Hi failgames. @GalaMorgane

What is going in with current edition of Pro league…  player Patryk343 from Polish Warriors has scored in curreent edition 1703 points…but HIS SCORE IS NOT VISIBLE IN RANK!!!

He already contacted Support but no answer since couple of Days…what are u doing there??  Give him back what he deserve please !!!

Hi there,

Sorry about that. However Friday and Monday were bank holidays here in Germany. So we came back today. Customer Support will be able to provide him with a reply.

Many thanks,


Thanks @GalaMorgane   I hope u will be able to avoid such a issues in Future.                                                  Same!?

Hello there @Morfoz78,

Following the Live Server Update, everything should be fixed now. Let me know.



Can we have an event to celebrate these bank holidays?