Player Swapping is for the WEAK


Hey Flare, 

Do you plan to do anything about these weak alliances who cant fight wars without swapping 20+ players with highest perk players from their daddy alliance?

Either allow a MAX of 2 or 3  players to be allowed in and out of an alliance THE ENTIRE SEASON ( for its true meaning, someone quitting or emergency comes up)  or please strip the alliance name of any team who can only compete in a war by kicking out 20+ players like they are a piece of garbage ( no idea why 20 players would actually want to return once they have been booted out because their skull perk sucks but that is besides the point ) after all, if you have to borrow 20+ players from another alliance everyone in the game has zero respect and wont even consider them as a true alliance anyway. They are really just a piggy back of the real alliance who controls them as if they were their own, so mine as well strip their alliance name  :grinning:  

So Flare, any ideas for stopping this nonsense?

Which alliance are you talking about? And from which alliance are you? Because I’m sure every alliance did that merc stuff, and sofar i never saw an alli send 20+ mercs at once, usually around 10 max from one and several more from other alli friends.