Players are leaving because

I think most players like me are upset about the trophy and opponent matching system. Why not base map opponents on ascension level rather than trophies to reward players who strategize appropriately? I get attacked regularly and lose trophies to people way above my ascension level daily, and only get people on my map with less trophies than me. A lot of people are also leaving the game because of the lack of updates to the game… I think the players deserve a hard date on when to expect the update we’ve been promised. Additionally, add some new unique items, maybe a new hero, a set of new dominance items, reward systems, and new ways to collect gems. Many players I see quitting the game do not like that the developers have failed to update in nearly a year. I think you guys can earn a lot more money if you introduce new items, strategy, heroes, and islands. Maybe an island that has production for gems would be good? 

My recommendation for a new hero would be Prince Hector, and his unique power is that he can speed just himself up at 2-3x normal speed for a few seconds. Adding a new series of islands could also allow for a new monster to be unlocked… maybe Cerberus? It could be a physical attack monster that’s fast without weakness but it could have lower health. Adding these features will keep old players interested and new players excited to unlock new levels! Keeping the same old system and just tweaking current objects and classes is boring and will result in players leaving. 

I think many people also become disgruntled at the obvious need to buy gems for the game in order to stay competitive with wars. Adding a basic way to collect gems by island would offer a solution while still keeping people interested in buying gem packs as needed.

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Thanks for your suggestions, and voicing your concerns about the matchmaking system in game. The system actually uses a mixture of both Trophies and Ascension Level (the Ascension Level is the main factor which is then slightly modified depending on how many Trophies you have). The main reason for this is that Ascension Level is not a good measurement of how strong a player is, Trophies are much more accurate (though arguably not perfect).

We are actively discussing changes to this system, though these changes are not something which will be in the next game version.

So it means a level 120 can beat level 140+ who have more than 25+ trophies with or without using gems? Don’t know but the Ascension level Gap should not be more than 10.

A very strong level 120 can beat a weak level 140 with no invocations. Sure.

The game rewards those not using good strategy by taking trophies into account… matchmaking (map only) should be based solely on ascension level. Why punish good strategists by having them face players with 1-2 temple levels higher than their own level? Also thanks for contributing your thoughts

Level isn’t necessarily a better indicator than trophies.

What I observed that top players don’t want to reduce this ascention level Gap from 20 to 10. People are frustrating and leaving this game bcz of OR matching them with very high level opponent sometimes this ascention level Gap is above 20.
This time I am not believing on you that a 120 level can beat 140 level having 25+ trophies even with Hades or his best hero.

Hades is not so good. That might be part of your problem.

I’m a 103 and defeat opponents of 120+ regularly… the problem is that it is hard to gauge who is weaker because some people intentionally drop trophies to gain invocation gems on their defenses and to get easier matches… another problem the OR dev staff has not accounted for.
As for the Hades comment, the update gave both Hades and Zeus demo boosts and they’re now both adequate for breaching hard defenses (before this update they were useless). If you haven’t used them since the update, try them out, they work much better (especially on AP)

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You get fewer gems per invocation used if your trophies are low for your level. They should do a better job of announcing this, though.

As for hades, Zeus and hades are the only heroes who routinely fail against my defense, even after the update. I can forge better gear than they get and I set my heroes up better.

I am 133 and have 6.2k trophies, was at 7.5k but now all my islands are being taken over by the top players in the game, I am not in Titan league yet 90% of people that attack me and occupy my islands are, how am I supposed to maintain or gain trophies if even with invos I cannot make it halfway thru their maps. I mean all these gold portrait Titan behemothes are neat to see, but not so much fun when I haven’t been able to unlock my cursed chest in over month because I have no targets that are winable, sure sometimes I get someone my level, but it’s far more common to see someone I cannot beat in wildest of dreams!


Just an example of my daily defense list, stepfans is number 8 ranked in the game and he beat me twice in less than 24 hours, why do I keep getting fed to the sharks?

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Use invocations. Lots of invocations. Then buy more gems so you can use more invocations.
You may need to sit at your level for a while and build up your equipment.
Jump to an alliance that offers the blessings you need to defeat them.
Use Hades and Zeus to clear them but I doubt this will work since they are slow and terrible.

I have set and improved equipment for a while, we have all our blessings and I use those invos but I just get stomped, even NaN is beating me up now :frowning:
I can win sometimes with Hades, Zeus is just wasted ambrosia

This is understandable. NaN is an ancient mythological creature that has been gathering buffs since the dawn of time. If you are to beat NaN, you must first get NaN to stop playing and let you catch up to NaN’s buffs.

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Also, if you put Prince Hector as a GK and Achilles attacks. When Achilles slays Hector, he pulls him behind his chariot in circles in front of the gate.

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Island opponents should be strictly based on Oddyssey Points. Level regulation could aid in this if you want to separate the bigger top 100 players from those still improving and beginning in this game. But most people in the top 300 have Odyssey points above 19k+, which in turn typically gives a harder defense. This also coordinates specifically to how long people have been playing for… I.e. Anyone around 2 years will be about 20k points, 2.5 25k, 3 years or more are the ones with 30k trophies or so. Yes there are a few who play all the time and farm resources to hit the bigger skull islands but for the most part this is how it works. What’s flawed is that nobody can catch up to them, there is no cap, and forever and ever the defenses will become harder with more life and damage bonuses than the powers or perks will be able to compete with soley because it’s based on time played. Even now the powers require a hell of a lot of potency for some of these Nyx Towers with almost 40% buff. I only hope that new players will not be discouraged and be up to the task to continue on! Props to you Markelious for being persistent in wanting to continue on even though the cards are definitely stacked against you.

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I don’t usually play games that take a year or two to become just ok, but I can say I have definitely enjoyed OR. I deal with the slope I’m on, and realise why it is there, but I do wish they would add more content to the game. Make dominance relevant, better algorithm for opponents or anything. I also am not a fan of how much leveling up hurts you in this game. 1 level up can ruin most heroes and make them unplayable without reforging entire sets of gear, I get the coefficient changes as you level up but it just feels like punishment for progressing.


Levelling up and the subsequent weakening of all Heroes is a problem for players at all levels, and is even bigger now than when the game was new, we have more heroes, more levels, but more importantly we have refined gear which is necessary to overcome top level bases.
Consider also that rare perks are necessary more often than not.
What I would suggest is that for gold refined gears 5* titan gold, there should be an option to ‘reforge to current level’ - similar to reforging a unique, that doesn’t give additional bonus etc, but just keeps it’s current strength. The cost would be in Millions and probably 100k+ wisdom, but that is a small fraction of the cost of gear and resources that have gone into some objects.

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I also suggested this option, this would make the game so much better! Especially if there are plans to add new game content. @CaptainMorgan reforging of current gear sets, and not just uniques, is this possible to achieve?

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But that would make unique items meaningless.
However if gold forged items or silver forged items can be reforged that will add pretty meaningful content to the game as forging gold star or silver star items requires huge amount of resources and time.

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