Players Banned

Good day Flaregames,


To begin with, I just like to say Im not a cheater nor hacker or so what so ever.


Just a suggestion. Nowadays, cheating is a globally problem of game developers. This is just a disease that nearly no one could ever cure and stop. As part of innovation and being globally competitive of each country, cheating has its own way to go with the flow of modern technology. For game developers too be aware of this situation, they also need to improve their countermeasures when it comes about cheating.


    As for what I said, Flaregames, you should stop banning players just  because they cheating, remember that its your fault why many players used to cheat Royal Revolt 2, you only think of your money. How could free players pace with the game update if you constantly making the game impossible to play for free. You should thnk for your self that banning won`t be a solution. “Aim for making a permanent solution not temporary”. Improve your anti-cheating detector if you want this game to be completely cheatfree game. 


      What if the time comes were all of Royal Revolt 2 players cheat, do you think banning them will still be a solution? Think wise, your game is not yet that popular compare to other famous games.Banning your limited count of players won`t be the players lost , its yours Flaregames.



Just a final thought, We are not the one who needs to adjust to cope with your game, you`re team is the one. Be fair.




You have contradicted yourself. You just said that cheating is apart of society and then said that Flaregames should make their game cheat free. Do you honestly think (as you said) that this game would ever be cheat free?


I call this mentality, THE ROBIN HOOD mentality. Steal from the rich and give to the poor. Please be aware that Flaregame is doing everything they can to make this game the best it can be. Also, do some reading around before bashing. The last update less than a weak ago added counter measure and cheating dection.


Read for your self: It is at the bottom of the update list:

Yes, I have read their update about cheating detection. What I am trying to tell is they should think of another solution for cheaters, banning them wont be necessary as this makes their game GDFR. 

I understand but all MMOs (especially) ban cheaters. What is different with Royal Revolt 2?

It just because … this is not players fault why players cheat. Why they are so mean on us. Making this game impossible to play for free. :slightly_frowning_face:

Flaregames has a method setup. Just like and FTP game. It takes a long time to do anything. If you want it done faster, pay money. It plays on peoples impatience but apparently generates revenue. This was a method setup a long time ago. Are you saying they should start charging players monthly to get exclusive access to things other players who do not pay cannot access?

I think banning cheaters are the right move , its not fun when you see cheaters beat your base or have better account than you who spent hundreds , thousands of money on the game

there are to many type of creative cheat out there. Of course the main one like gem hack isn’t possible , but ppl comes out with more creative more like infinity deployement (in the old days) , hp hack (in current days) . Who knows there might be others like strength hack ? king lvl hack ? instant win hack? battle time hack ? There are simply too many types of possible hack that could be created. And so far, flare action is, player report the hack ,they ban those cheater and create some cheat detector.


I don’t think there will be a universal solution/patch for various hack , so they can only prevent what they already known to be a hack. 


Im an IOS user. Do you think cheating on it will be possible?

Banning players wont be the right move. They already had improved their anti-cheater detector. Therefore, whenever a cheater tries to manipulate something in the game, that wont work. So why they still need to ban players, knowing the fact they counteract cheating of a player.

A replay system will help a lot :confused:


I do believe in you. This way cheaters wont be tempted to do cheating.



Buddy, please stop. You are beating a dead horse here. The practice of kicking people for cheating goes back decades. Sorry you are new to this policy. It is the punishment for being unfair and trying to cheat everybody else that wants to enjoy the game.


If you were not a cheater. You are acting like. The reason cheaters are banned is because they cause grievance. Just as you are doing here. Call me crazy, but, putting the 2 and 2 together. You equals four. So, take a step back and think about all the other people it affects and how selfish it is to take things because a cheater is impatient.




Both your party seems to have a point. We have freedom to express our own perspective, thats the reason why forum is made, so dont stop him for defending his self. Maybe just respect each others post. Anyways, the message is seems to be addressed to Flaregames team.


PS: Im not pro or anti on anything, just respect.


Thank you. Freedom of Expression.



You are right. I am all about respect and cannot stand it when others do not show it or defend a party that is all about disrespect. I get a little carried away and want to bend them over my knee and spank their little…um…yeah.


Koaki, rant on :slight_smile:


Cheaters are always about cheating. Cheating is a lazy path to a reward and not rewarding at all.


I all my gaming years, I would ruin a game when I entered cheat codes and I never finish the game when I do. But when I play normal, I beat them. I guess I like to earn what I make not steal from others because I am not bright enough to find a way out of hole I dug.

Thanks Joekee for understanding :slight_smile:

I just thought about cheating. Hear me out, please.

If a user is on an Android or iOS device, they can watch ads repeatedly for food or gems. Every Windows device cannot. That would mean that everybody on iOS and Android are cheating the Windows users. Does that not mean that Flaregames is enabling cheating?