Players dissatisfied with Gem Raffles

Flaregames, please rethink your gem raffles. You give away 3000 gems to 6 people every war season, all well and good. You give 500 gems to one random person every week, all well and good. You come out with this new Christmas calendar event, 100 gems to 1 player every day. Still, all well and good. But then, the week-long events - this deeply frustrates me. I spent over one hour looking for answers to those 8 or so questions for the first week, and I get nothing in return! I spent a while on my replies, making them nice and precise and even adding a bit of unnecessary information and humor in some places, because I was in a good mood and full of the Christmas spirit. At the end of the week, I am at the top of the leaderboard, because for some reason I am just special that way - even though I have tied with like 12 people for 8 points. If Flaregames was smart, they would have rewarded everybody with, say, 50 gems for participating. And if they were even smarter, they would have given everybody with 3-4 points another 50 gems, for a total of 100 gems. And those with 5-6 points another 100 gems, for a total of 200 gems. And so on, so that players with 7 points would get, say, 400 gems. And those with 8 points, say, 500 gems. This way, everybody is happy, and can continue celebrating the holidays with Christmas in their hearts.


What I would suggest, however, since the deed is done and players have already been awarded their gems, Flaregames should start a Royal Revolt trivia as a monthly thing. Every day for a week a new question is put out, and at the end of the month people are awarded gems according to their point count. What do you think?





This is a good idea, I’ll talk about it with the team.