Players getting refunds?


You guys obviously know that the decision that screwed the trophy system was bad. You fixed it though. It’s not perfect but you can see a balance happening. 

You also reimbursed many players with trophies or gems for the issue.


Now I see many high ranked players claiming they got refunds from iTunes or whatever. 


If this is true they should be banned from forum and the game or their account should be reset. How fair is it that they would get all their money back, get to have a super leveled up account and still complain bringing nothing but negativity to the game.


you are never owed a refund from a game. There is no promise when you make a purchase. If you spend hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars on s brand new untested product you should do your due diligence first. Life isn’t fair, you made a poor choice and whining about it and trying to get your money back and keep your account isn’t how it works.


i say ban all of these guys that have stolen from Flaregames and have an unfair advantage, because if they got their money back then the progress they gained using money should be lost.


Lastly, this game is just 1 month old. To expect perfection is silly. Enjoy it or move on learning a lesson not to spend money you can’t afford on a cell phone  game. 

This is a real issue, else everybody could spend hundreds of dollars, get the refund and still having the advantages from the gems spending. 

Hello there, 

Thank you for your report. We will have a look into this and take the appropriate measures. 

Have a nice weekend. 

Thanks Aether, you’ve been awesome this whole time. 

  You make a good point about banning folks who  got full refunds. However, a good game company would have been ahead of the issues. FG could have sent gifts out to all players for their mistakes. A company that is interested in customer retention doesn’t need to be asked for refunds or compensation. They are already compensating their customers. Personally I refuse to beg for compensation.

  There are a lot of games out there FG and it is easier to keep customers you already have. Every ftp I have played has been more generous with freebies than what I have seen in OR.  

  All that being said, I continue to hope that OR will reach it’s potential.

Not aware of anyone who actually requested/got a refund. Saw a few  frustrated posts saying they would try if things did not improve.

Just saying be careful to stick with facts. I actually bought a few more gems after last update though aiming to stretch them awhile.


Those are facts I believe.

I did in fact get a partial refund from apple and as such am done with this game. I actually agree with this post because i could very well keep playing and put the money right back in.