Players on the map repeatedly

I don’t know if it’s normal to be attacked repeatedly by some players. This does not bother me. But it happens for example on my map to find players like R3d33md against whom I fight and who comes back on time after a few hours. I, as can be seen from the video, often present myself on the map of @archimides (which punctually beats me ;-( )

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Yep we are attacking multiple times the same opponent and beng attacked in the same way…interesting, don`t u think so? :))

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I get R3d33m or what ever, often too. And a couple of others too… I don’t remember getting you so often, as other players. But it’s also a smaller pool for me, as I have to hit players over a certain level (I think 127-128), so I will constantly get those (probably server has to do something with it too).

As opposed to a level 130 who gets everyone above him, and everyone below him to say 115. If he raids a lot, I am pretty sure he would get the same guys, somewhat less than me…

But we have discussed the fact a few weeks ago, that I may have like 5-6 players constantly on my map, you might have the same 2 of them, but 3-4 others. And it goes along these lines for the heavy hitters. It’s also a bit random I guess, because a non-frequent raider can also get someone 2-3 times in the same day or hours.

Once a good friend of mine, got me 3 different times in the same HOUR. He asked me, “bro, is it ok if I raid you again”. I don’t really mind, it’s all part of the game. LMAO, he took 3x 14 trophies from me.

Cheers bro “V”, you are solid for asking.


Hurry up and bring in the ‘revenge’ option, that way maybe some players will be able to recover and build up trophies. But yeah there’s a real shortage of varied opponents towards the top.


Yes it does happen where one fight same player again and again.

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