Players requirement

I’m sure there are lot of things,but here are few suggestions that would make players life  little easy.

  1. while summoning cheap units like knights,paladins,archers,frosters etc its a pain to tap so many times.not to mention doing that during taping on spells,scream nd moving please bring in tap and hold long as players tap and hold on a unit,it should summon that unit continuously as long as the moral is available.

2)PERKS:as we all know items nd equipment’s have perks and there are two types of perks:-

a)normal perks:perks that are available for reforging by spending gems.

b)rare perks:perks that are unique for an item nd can not b obtained by reforging.

Players should be allowed to choose the perks during reforging.but off course only normal perks that are available for every item.this will help players from dealing with unwanted perks at the same time encourage players to spend gems.

It’s a win win for both the players nd the developers

I love number 1, I can’t believe I haven’t seen that suggestion on here before. 

Because you don’t have check carefully but maybe its normal you don’t have see it its old. All windows user have suggest it many many many time. I don’t know but you can find all this topic on this forum here in Page 40 or late. Make around 2016. I remember I was the one who make the first topic about it. I was tired to click one million of time the touch 1 for knight and have broken 1 keyboard because of this. I remember I have write something like in a day you press 200 times a raid the touch 1 x 30 raid a day = 6000 a day or more. over 30,000 a week, over 100,000 a month, over 1 millions a year,etc…So I suggest it to put a feature a hold button that you have just to click on it 1 time. Many have agree with my post and later many other topic have appear here about this suggestion. 

but sadly like all suggestions we make was totally ignored like the rest