Players transferring accounts while leaving the game

Hi Guys,

I do not know where else to voice my concerns. So ill do it here. Of late a lot of players have been quitting the game due to personal reasons. These accounts are being transferred to other low level players within the game.

I am a lvl 99 player and I see lvl 106 accounts being transferred. Needless to say I am pissed. 

I believe in playing it fair. I have spent close to 2 yrs with this game and continue to stick with Flare. So when i see newbies coming in and either paying their way up (and not paying Flare) or just going up by charity it just doesn’t seem right.

Transfer of accounts has to be fixed. Accounts should be tied to one and only one Email Id. Transfers through email ids should somehow be recognized. Perhaps by how the same device jumped multiple accounts (Mac address ? )  I don’t know how technically Flare can solve this. All I can do is to humbly request. Thanks for listening

How do you see?
In the mirror?
Or,can you read tarot?

He must be using some kind of sorcery without my permission >:/

Maybe he has a genie :wink:

Its easy

noome make secret from that

u dnt know guys which bought accounts?

That is a really stupid suggestion, sorry.


If people invested RL money in the game, and stop playing, it’s only fair that they can sell the account and at least bring back SOME of the money they invested.

The game have Terms

This sell is not allowed

So- if they have Terms they MUST bann all

I was wrong, Thank you Alysea


If there are any reports to make, please send them to the support.

that will cut player base in half…remember friend uber chests…the forum was full of players creating multile accounts…you know this cuz you r forum manager…how many were banned…zero

Lol, so players that have a baby account to play both “top” level and enjoy the game at lower tier will get banned? Good move :slight_smile:

They haven’t been so far, right? :grinning:

As long as they don’t sell their account or share it, or do anything like abuse/cheat or exploit, they are safe. :grinning:

are tou selective…you shall not have more than 1 account at any given time

This sounds like it is allowed to have many accounts but not at the same time. I can think of many different interpretations of this one line. 

So if a person does not use any unofficial hack or cheat and buys gems from store but possess 2 accounts, is it legal. Also using tapjoy gems is illegal. @Alysea Please Confirm

Using tapjoy is completely legal, as long as there are no abuses made. :grinning:

And having two accounts is not legal, but you won’t be punished for it, unless you do anything which is related to cheat/abuse.

of course having 2 or more accounts is against rules but allowed or only 100 players would be in game


Can you put that in writing? O Sorry - you just did.  :slight_smile:

I have 2 account, hope I’m not doing anything wrong.

Flare and alysea should start writing a book about which things are legal/illegal/illegal but still ok.

To be brutally honest, in RR2 world, something is illegal only if someone report your IGN and then flare make investigation and might find something questionable. Without jealousy between players, flare will never know and no such thing called illegal and can be punished, because they don’t have the system to really track it. Such an unhealthy relationship we got, flare keeps on breaking our hearts yet we still willingly help them so much…