Players with maximum score in this Pro League season

The objective of Pro League is to measure the skills of the players. In the current Pro League season there are dozens of players those obtained the maximum score (2190). This time Flaregames made mistakes: where has it been the saying “Will you be the one … to beat the unbeatable?”. It’s like if there weren’t champions. In my opinion, at least this time, the setup is too strong and/or the defenses are too weak. I prefer nobody to get the maximum possible score.

If at the top of the standings there are 2 or more players with the same score, there are 2 possibilities to determine the champ:

-the winner will be the first player to finish the time or the last level or all levels (example: you win if you finish all levels or time on Friday at 9:40 CET), because Florian/Flothaboss, Pellez/Opelle and other youtubers publishes their Pro League performances, then you see their videos and finally you imitate their styles or you adapt yourself and you find their mistakes;

-the winner will be the one who will finish the last level or all levels and has the longest remained time (example: you win if you finish all levels in 30 minutes).

In the last Pro League season, 93 players did the maximum score (and I didn’t count Florian/Flothaboss).

1 player is enough.

Why are you confused, Mag?

The difficulty of the next pro leagues have been rebalanced so such situation is avoided in the future.

Confused by the number of 1st spots. Ridiculous number, it is huuuuuuge. Ridiculous that this even happened. And more ridiculous is what happened later with +12 min. 

Well, if future pro leagues will be considerably harder again, that may indeed reduce future amounts of perfect scores, but at the same time only increases the issue of many players having gotten perfect scores and golden crowns this pro league, which will be permanently display how pro they are, despite chances are many of them just were able to pull this off due to easy setup and/or the 12 bonus minutes, which are quite a mess-up in itself… Also, many players could simply not use those 12mins extra, others could. Some players deserved the extra minutes, others didn’t because they hadn’t been affected. And most were not aware of this time extension 1h before PL ended… all messy, and with permanent consequences…

Now I personally don’t bother with PL anyway, but many who invested time, effort and gems into pro league and tickets are very pissed off by now, and I can kind of understand them. Especially as the issues around PL don’t stop there, but extend to hugely inconsistent treatment regarding shared accounts, multiple accounts etc with respect to pro-league participation, confirmed rumours about exploits in PL mechanics that allow for more tries / more time, an excessive amounts of dubious, likely cheated scores in many of the PLs that didn’t get removed and thus also unfairly keep a crown forever, issues like recently when cheaters got removed AFTER giving out rewards, and so on… you really should take a step back and rethink pro league to improve player experience, which will require more than just a minor difficulty rebalancing alone but rather changes to the whole setup and mechanics around it imho.

I think having unbeatable beasts in the pro league is a mistake. They should focus on making the bases harder, not the beasts.

I still think the rewards are way too top heavy which also encourages cheating.    Spread out the rewards.   Lower it for top 20 and spread it over top 500 or more to encourage more to participate and try their best.    For eg,. Ninja #1 reward is not totally unbelievable.   Yes it is easier to be first there.    But pro rewards are crazy high


For the record.  I am more of a 150-350 ranked pro player on average.   Playing with a single account and honestly.    I like the idea of pro league Just a suggestion

However, in this Pro League season (with Eris pro pal), this situation is repeated. It’s also a failure of pro tiers (of which I’m not a supporter). Too many players would receive 10 pro chests.