Players with no troops?

Periodically run into players with no defence troops at all. Seems like a bug (unless some players are suicidal :slight_smile:  )

Also the glitch where players buffs are not always showing up seems to be back/lurking. Not sure what causes it.

A player combat log would be very helpful to give better info. Am also wondering why dropped 200 trophies today 3000 to 2800 and change - largest loss by far in a day since playing though no log to know what happened. Can only guess the glitches above a factor as fully buffed and invested a lot in defences. 








Hey Renairdor,

Can you please send me these players name by private message? :slight_smile:


Thropy-stripping has finally arrived at OR too … :wink:

Thropy-stripping I like this haha! But I too have encountered that problem with both no troops showing up and also possible bug that drops the buff. I cannot remember the names of the people that it has happened to but if it happens in future I will post here.