Playing on multiple devices results in losing

Hi there,
I’ve been playing OR with 2 differents phones, one running Android 5.0 and the other one is iPhone 6.

I did that thanks to the support team who synchronized iTunes and Google Play accounts. Thanks again for that.
This morning while I was raiding on my iPhone, I logged in on my Android to take a screenshot of a hero’s item. I didn’t launch a new raid.

That resulted in my raid failing and a loss of about 30-40 trophies. Precisely, I won the base, got the results, and instead of accessing the vault chests I came back to menu with trophies lost and the island still occupied.

I’m not whining about trophies lost, IDGAS about that :wink:  but could I know what the limitations are about this “double connection” feature.
Should I avoid logging in from both devices at the same time? Or is that safe to do so?

Could I do raids on 2 different islands from both devices at the same time to go faster? That experience doesn’t really make me want to try that again… ;p

Thanks for your help :grinning:


The game is not made to be played on two devices at the same time.

You can sync your account across devices, so you can use one another. However, when the game syncs up with the server (e.g. at the end of a battle), one of the device will be disconnected. (more likely the first one you started the game on)

So if you plan to do raids, I’d recommend to use only one device at a time. :grinning:

Thanks for explanation. I understand now.