Playing on window 10

I really enjoy playing on window 10, however, the default window’s mouse pointer sometimes really hard to see, so please change the mouse pointer to make it more visible. Thanks

Hey Zeus01,

Thanks for the feedback, this is already on the agenda and will happen in a future update.

@CaptainMorgan can we have a mouse cursor visible? with all those unnecessary effects that dazzle your eyes, it is impossible to find the mouse cursor and lose time unnecessarily.
can you do this simple thing?

Hi @vasudeva1,

I don’t think it’s possible for now as CaptainMorgan already explained here:


thank @Tomaxo , at least take off those stupid and useless effects that illuminate the screen like the explosion of a supernova and they never see where the cursor is … if we add to this the useless rotation of the cam that serves to confounding even more things the sad picture is complete

A temporary fix is to change mouse in windows settings … make it leaving trail and choose the bigger arrow … the trail especially makes it easier to find it in the mess of explosion.

I understand that’s annoying during normal use of pc but still, it can help.

I do like explosions, supernovae and other damage effects in the game. Without them it’s like an action movie without special FX. For the cam rotation, sometimes I feel like playing Assassin’s Creed for a few seconds when the only thing I see it’s a big red rooftop. Yeah, maybe the devs can implement an option to toggle them On or Off according to the user’s preferences.

@Tomaxo the effects are beautiful, but when they are exaggerated and if they dazzle you and with the invisible mouse cursor all this becomes disagreeable

the problem is the combo “invisible mouse+supernovae explosions”


If you press the “ctrl” button of your keyboard, it displays a circle pinging to the mouse cursor.