Playing with joystick in Windows 8

the title says it all, I have a pc xbox control and maneuver the king would be great control

Well I think you should talk to the windows people to ask for that Carlos :slight_smile:

A similar topic was opened (by me) earlier, about using keyboard arrow keys to move the king. Two updates have passed and nothing has happened. Still waiting… but I agree, I would enjoy using a controller except that, are there enough buttons for the spells and the units and the hero scream?

A joystick? Interesting.

There really should be more controls available, maybe sometime in the future.


@Carlos Stark


But the buttons would be all over the place… I was thinking more of a Sega Genesis controller, as it almost seems designed for the game…

well since the game really only comes with 2 slots for each units and spells the xbox fits better imo

when u do upgrade to the third slot it cud go on the bumpers. triggers for scream boost