playing without an alliance

after alliances, friend vouchers etc showed up playing has been more and more boring. playing against boosted players is a waste of time (and bread).


and now flare can’t even fix the dungeon. yes i know, time to stop playing.

Why not join an alliance then? You don’t even have to talk.

How is playing without an alliance and non boosted troops & towers more exciting ? I might understand your frustration if your hero was so weak and you could not defeat many bases but then again that is part of growing within the game.

I just remember when alliances were announced and it was said being in an alliance would give you a small advantage.

Currently, it’s rather “you better max your alliance tower and pay daily to be part of a big alliance, or you can forget the game” when you enter high lvl, and even upper medium lvl. This could be seen critical but I guess by now it’s too late to complain about it, won’t just be reverted back to 1.4…