Please add auto-tap feature

LAZY players like me have needs too u know!!!

When I choose knights to raid, instead of tapping continuously to get them out of the tent, can u please have a feature that when I keep the knight button tapped to continuously summon knights when morale is available???

Thank U  !!!


I would love to have this in the game. The only problem I can see is the possibility of crashes during raids. If flare could add this in and keep crashes from happening, that’d be awesome!

REALLY??? …that feature could crash a game???

already demanded in the past and like custom keyboard and touch on PC its not a add Flaregame can do. too much complex. I don’t remember the exact answer from CaptainMorgan had answer if you take by example PC version. The code, Microsoft OS is limited and don’t allow developer to do what they want. I don’t think they will start to ask Microsoft permission each time. i don’t remember something to do with certificate of something else in programming Microsoft OS stop Flare to add a lots of stuffs. 

the more complex is try to build the feature who will work on all device : iphone,android,PC,etc…

I know since 5 years we have ask a huge numbers of stuffs but many don’t realise some idea are limited by what Flare can do.

Maybe Madlen can give a precise answer of why its impossible

PS : I will try to retrieve the precise answer. Maybe will allow some of you to understand more why Flare is hand cuffed in their back

maybe its the main reason why only like 5% of all suggestions is added in the game and the rest throw in trash

i know it its something to do with UPW, MS certificate and API whatever here the topic :

many don’t realise its not just by click finger everything is done. Hope by reading this many will understand more

Auto summon troops,custom keyboard and many others 100 others good idea are all awesome but… Flare is limited by what they can do

WOW!!! that was an epically educated answer Warriornator. U sure have A LOT gaming knowledge.  

…but know that u just made a lazy player VERY sad …Shame on U !!! :’-P