Please Add Game Notifications Before End of Gold Shield!

The game gives notification when the goldshield has run out. Can we instead have a pre-warning like 15 minutes before?


Is there a huge difference between the two? I am not saying that we can’t looking into changing it, but I am genuinely curious how big of a difference it would make.

Yes of course Jona, the “end”  notification means it is too late, the “15 minute before” notice may be very useful to save our gold

Right, I agree. If you have to save a lot of millions 15 minutes are capital!  

For somebody that plays on the phone it might not be a big difference. I’m playing on tablet and yes I think it definetly would help but we might listen to what others think.

I think this is a great idea, a 15 minute pre-warning to remind us to spend our saved up gold before the shield expires. 

Agreed! When you miss the current notification by 30 second you can already have lost a million of gold (if 2 players got you in matchmaking). When having a warning some minutes before - e.g. 5-15 minutes - you have some time to react.

Also a pre-warning, you have the chance to finish whatever you currently are doing in real life and don’t have to instantly jump into rr2 like crazy, interrupting whatever you were doing before…

Also I recently did not receive any notification of the end of my gold shield at all… not sure why. Any hints what may have caused that?

i have never gotten a notification at the end of my gold shields… or for that matter any notifications from rr2. i don’t know but maybe you can turn notifications off on android?

Indeed you can… I think in some other topic in general discussion that was already described in detail. :slight_smile:


Still no pre-warning for gold shields… :slightly_frowning_face:

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