Please add notification for video chest


Since the videochest offers that appears is gone after 10 minutes could we please get a notification when they are available? 

Or even better make them work like in royal revolt 2 so that they are available until you watch it. Without the offer dissapearing due to a timer.

Hello Macamus,

Thanks for your suggestion, keep an eye on the announcements page for any changes!

I think the timer is triggered when you connect the first time after that the deal is started. If true, no need notifications, you shoudn’t miss any single free chest (if you pay attention of it ).

I have logged in a few times and seeing the timer be at both 1 and 4 minutes left.

But mostly it starts when I login. But since this doesn’t always seem to be the case I wish it didn’t have a timer

More infos about that will be welcome :grinning: