Please add romance with blonde queen

Hello can we please have romance expansion with blonde queen??

Like we can romance to her by buying her gifts for gems and can go special adventure and when it arrive,  king receive a special temporary romance perk so he became a little stronger.

Please add this to game it was my favorite 

Thank you and happy day 

Then one day we will have a baby prince born :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, this is dumb.

Wow this would really be amazing!

Adding more ways to spend gems is a healthy and fun way of staying in shape I love it! And I love romance also so I double love it!

I think people who doesnt like this are lonely people without butterflies of romance flying around them :slight_smile:

Your comment must be sarcastic. I can’t take it seriously at all…

Oo add in a housing system! And maybe a pet taming system too! 

Patch 3.0 

-Ability to get married to other kings/queens and start a family together

-Added divorce function (Divorced spouse gets half your gold, gems, pearls and food)

-New gender options (Male, Female, Customize)

-Married kings and queens can have the option to merge their kingdoms!

-Use gems to unlock the ability to have babies! (Each additional babies costs extra gems to unlock)

You do know she’s a cartoon character, right?


You should play the sims :stuck_out_tongue:

the most stupid idea I never see for a game. Seriously? if you want to be in couple and have baby 2 things :

1.In real life just get a husband/girlfriend and make love and have baby

2.Just go and play The Sim 4

C’mon its a War game not a Family Game. This idea have not his place in this game. If one day this idea is implanted. I leave the game for sure

its a Tower defense game not a Sim Tower Defense Family Edition



If people are so against this fantastic feature then just stick to your wars when this gets added. No one is forcing you to do all parts of this lovely game.

Instead of crying like little babies when it arrives, be happy for those who has been waiting for this for so long and stick to yours.

Some of you are like little children crying saying I don’t want it so don’t let anyone else have it either.Please suck on your nappy blanket and move on :slight_smile: