Please adjust pro league rewards only after cheaters are banned


It’s kinda sad that once again the reward for pro league is highly inaccurate.

About 2 hours before the league ended, they adjusted the reward, presumably based on the score from top scorers. At that time, rank 1 was at 1900+

Anyone scoring below that gets significantly lower rewards.

Half an hour before the league ended, that rank 1 got banned, but this time, rewards weren’t adjusted again, leading to the real rank 1 only getting 5 chests. Rank 3 got 3 chests only. As per the picture attached here, I was at rank 11 but sadly only 3 chests as well.

If flare intends to adjust the reward every week, please do so after banning the cheaters. Otherwise, if adjustment is based on the cheaters’ score, obviously it would lead to such anomalous results.


Hi… I wished to know how does one simply cheat in pro leagues?


I’m agree. I participated in all Pro League seasons since the begin of 2018 (before my throne room was at level 9) and finally I played my best Pro League season (finally I finished in top 100 and I have the highest score in my alliance).
Rewards in this Pro League season are bad and one of the reasons for which I never liked pro tiers is that we are dealing with adjustments, while players’ skills/cleverness/merit are overshadowed.
I wish the abolition of pro tiers and the return of Pro League rewards according to ranking.
We also had the disadvantage of forum migration.
At the end of the last Pro League season, I (86th place) received only 2 pro chests and 1500 crystals; to search players with better rewards, I found players between 53rd place and 28th place who received 2 pro chests and 1750 crystals; then I found players between between 27th place and 12th place with 3 pro chests and 2000 crystals; after I found players between 11th place and 8th place with 3 pro chests and 2500 crystals; later I found players between 7th place and 5th place with 3 pro chests and 3000 crystals; afterwards I found players between 4th place and 2nd place with 3 pro chests and 3500 crystals; and finally I found the winner with 5 pro chests and 8000 crystals.
Rewards according to ranking would be better.

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I do not know, but I do not think they’re cheaters. They are I think robot players. I think they are players that the game creates automatically and they change their values inexplicably even after making an attack. I do not know, but I’m almost sure that it is. :wink:


You say Flare sends Bots to participate in Pro-League to manipulate the Ranking?


Possibly but not sure. Outside the pro league, if you attack the loners, they change at the moment you just attacked them, something inexplicable. If you make two attacks in a row, it hardly lets you do two in a row, at the moment the solitary player is online and if you get it, in the second attack you make to him, his defense in strength has changed completely and if you attack after a brief time , its defenses and roads change. In the pro league I can not assure you, but it would not be at all strange that they were robot players that would be something normal, because it is a way to see the creators mistakes in the game.


@LacunaC: Thanks I will forward the feedback.


The person who will tell you in the forum will most likely get banned, so yeah… this question will remain unanswered :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhm no :wink: We do not create bots to manipulate rankings (and on that matter anything else in the game) :smiley:.


Wowwww, :slight_smile: thank you friend. Then I encourage and defeat those cheaters. :slight_smile:


No! I opened pro chests by mistake. I wish “Anti-Magic Cup” would return as soon as possible.