Please advertise boost and tax levels at different fief counts

Hello FG,


After this season, I expected to see doom gate 5 and mummy 6 as the season completed.  SK received DG5 and mummy 6 at 52 fiefs.  However, when the season was completed, no upgrade on DG for us.  Do you need to win 1st place in order to receive the bonus that the number of fiefs should have rewarded you?  Could you please post how the rewards free boost rewards work, the fief count for each level and the tax changes we should expect.


I don’t think something like this should be a discovery process that gets posted to a wikia.  Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth.





I would really like this info as well.

The Wiki has a lot of mis-information when it comes to AW, Fiefdoms, New Elite-Boosts, Etc…


AW has been out for a while and is obviously a mainstay of the game in general now.

Having this information be public is just common sense at this point.

The same for Nato :-/ Mummy 6 but not Gate 5…

Also, if not adding boosts unless you win that level of that boost, what happens when you lose the fiefs to keep that gained boost?  Does the effectiveness of that boost also drop?  An alliance could then reach the highest level boosts and lose all AW’s afterwards and still retain boosts that are only relevant for a high fief counts.  FG needs to advertise how losing works and why winning the require number of fiefs does not increase the boost level.


At this point, mummy 6 is 51 fiefs?  Can’t tell, cause nothing changes during AW.  Gate 5 appears to be 52 fiefs, but now we’re at 55 and still gate 4.


Please elaborate. 

Now’s the time for SK to turn and be the only ones with new gate level! >=D Mwuahahahaha

maybe they mess up again 

Hate to be such a newb at things but what exactly is a fiefdom and how do I collect them for the guild

Its the war territory you see during war season , you collect them by conquering other alliance’s fiefdom in war while also defending yours

So, no update on this either?