Please Allow User and Alliance Name Changes

I have been told more than once by support that you cannot change names. Nor can you transfer to a new account that has a different name. Starting over is not an option for an established player and certainly not for an established alliance.

I know now you put a warning about choosing carefully when selecting player name originally, but for those of us that have been on a while we were given no such warning.

You’ve made many updates to help separate me from my gems and pearls … Please consider the frustration of not managing more basic player satisfaction requests. The impression given is that you only care to make changes that pull $ from players.

I agree!  I have a crap name because Flare’s keyboard input for putting in the name was so frustrating and glitchy that I was just happy I got something typed.  I didn’t really think I was going to stick with the game.  It was just an add I saw and downloaded.  I download and delete them all the time!  But now I’ve got a level 89 character, and I love the game, hate my name, but I’m stuck with it cause of Flare’s stupid keyboard glitches!

Add to that the fact that until a couple months ago, flaregames actually ALLOWED name changes for players and alliances - so it is not a “missing feature/service”, but rather a “removed feature/service” at this time…