Please announce the schedule of the monthly event

If we know the schedule, many people would like to prepare workers ?and GOLD?

To satisfy all good events as well


Long time ago we ask for this. Like over a year.Its a pain for everyone in the game since day 1

  1. Announced 24 hours only before. Huge mistake to use this method

2.Problem that cause : Everyone will miss the event. On Windows we don’t have ads so its even worst

Yep i will miss the Boost your Defense event like 100% of time because we never know what event are in the game. Like many repeat its Flare business like this. People are forced to spend gems to accelerate their upgrade and spend more gems over and over. So probably more gems package sell. Worst logic ?

Not hard to create a Montly Event in the game like a little tent. You click on it and you have all event in the list and date. I will show you what developer do in Magic Rush (screenshot come later)

Probably like someone have mentioned somewhere. Probably Flare don’t know themself what event they will do in advance and only decide at last 24 hours

Solution Fix (Not hard with just a server update in few minutes.Not 5 years)

Event Calendar

Event Shedule with Date

Come on its not hard to do this. i am sure same the worst developer on the planet can do this in few minutes


It’d be  nice to know for sure when it will end as well, @GalaMorgane

That would be very good … I’m sure that they are currently using this person only at low levels, where the update takes several hours.

The problem with this logic is that either way you are supposed to spend gems to finish upgrades, which makes these events pointless. Why cut down upgrade time if you’re urged to insta complete anyway?

i don’t know just I know if Flare don’t want to make a event calendar or give us shedule its because for money. Its very sad Flare are attracted by money only at this point. that become a disease and a obsession.I have read in the past the only way player can use event at full potential was to spend gems and ton of gems if they wanted to use event to improve their account. because the majority miss all event.Announced in last minutes.So no one was prepared. Again worst logic by Flare. Today what is the result? They have lose everyone. Nice Flare really

I have no clue why they are stubborn to be attracted by money. No one left in the game. So its useless to be focused on money. like a shark. they are bloody tasty for money. Cancer of video game today developer who are like that. Just ask Activision president with Call of Duty

That last comment about Activision made me visualise how flare is bought by EA and they go into flare’s office saying “allow us to teach you about Real Greed”.