Please ban players who are already banned from Pro League from the game

I don’t know why Flare is keeping cheaters who are ALREADY (key word here) found as cheaters in the game. I don’t know what is Flare’s benchmark in finding cheaters, but if they have by all means and purposes satisfied themselves on their very own evidential standards that a player is cheating in Pro League, then the player should absolutely be banned from the game.


The reason is simple.


They are overpowered accounts that are funded by resources gained through cheats. Even if they are banned from Pro League, they may have gathered too much resources from their cheating days to be considered a fair account anymore.

To put things in perspective, imagine if a player cheats for 2 months ONLY before he gets caught, and he scores the highest reward every week from cheating.


You get an average of 4k crystals per pro chest at the highest reward (Sometimes even more). 20 x 4k = 80k. Winning the highest tier also gives 10k.


You get 90k crystals per week.


If you cheat for 2 months, you will have AT LEAST 720k crystals in your storage.


You think it’s fair if Flare comes in and say “ok we won’t ban you from the game but we’ll ban you from pro league. Feel free to enjoy the unfair advantage that you got from cheating”?


Now, imagine some players who got caught after 3 months, or 4 months, or even way more than that. They may have gotten away with 1 or 2 million crystals in advantage over other players by cheating.


Please, ban the players that you have already PROVEN for cheating, from the game entirely, instead of just banning them from pro league. It really is unfair to every other players here who are playing the game fairly.

Totally agree. Once a cheater, always a cheater. People who have cheated and who got banned, should get banned permanently. Can only laugh when I see some of the names that still appear in pro leagues. Everyone that has cheated to get a ton of gems in pro league back then, should get banned

If you ban all those who used multiple accounts, the game would be empty. So it should be those who cheated big time






What you said is right!

These Players should be banned permanently…

But he/she will play with a new account so this is my opinion…

If the player decided to play without cheating?

It would not be good(i know because i have a bad reputation in gaming community for hacking :slight_smile:  )

Moreover,if hacks is detected then his new account should be banned…


Don’t matter much at this point. i am tempting to say its very sad but its multiple account and cheater who keep RR2 alive right now. A lots of time I have go in support team and declare a lots of multi accounts with same name and Flare never have ban them. So I conclude at this point of game. Probably Flare have decide to keep all multi accounts and probably all cheater in the game. If you remove inactives account,multi accounts and cheater. Very sad to say this but the game will be totally empty. So its a heartbreaking to see its multi and cheater who keep this game alive. Players with 3,4,10 or 20 accounts. Up the number = attract more new players. No one will be interested if they see a dead game

its the same in some games. Multi and cheater who keep some game alive. Sad reality. disgusting but its the truth

100% agree with this! Those players should not be able to keep what they cheated to get. Either they should be banned from the game or all the crystals and items should be taken away. I prefer the game ban though. Cheaters never deserve another chance

It is a witch hunt・・・

And there are also people who are charging for multiple accounts and buying subscriptions.

I point out the contradiction of the flare which bans unilaterally while receiving the money of goods.

If you say justice, of course you should now all of them.

It would be fun to kill someone starting a new game that accuses and kills someone.

I am not in such a culture area and I do not intend to share that pleasure.


Do you allow an account to play on the same IP from the beginning to admit or disappoint for game sales?
It is a witch hunt and a blasphemy of a gamer’s enthusiasm to kill an account after giving money to raise it.

Because the end is told in Japanese by blog
Sales of family and alliance leaders will decline.

There is no further growth in the game where only BOT can be found.


Even to make someone fool
Even to help the alliance

The purpose is both sub-accounts from the second from the same IP.

It is only fair in terms of the rules if you ban all accounts from the same IP.

A human who has  given up on the second account will escape from the fair BAN’s Armageddon.

This is true to the rules and beautiful. I will also want to judge it

If you start a witch hunt, I will introduce it soon on my blog.


Lacuna how will you recognize the value of cheat?

as example i know a lot about the cheaters and users of exploits.

i would say 90% of top 5 alliances used them

is it time to bann?



bann for multicaccing ( the main pro cheat) is not smart idea

Flare doing it now

they banning guys who are using cheat engine

and do not bann for multiacc

I don’t have to recognize the value of cheat because that’s not the topic. Flare has their own value/ definition of cheat. All I’m saying is, when flare already caught someone cheating in pro league by their own value/ definition, they should ban that player from the game entirely, not just from pro league only.

Either choice could be this subject and agenda.

I taught Japanese people who can not read this forum (cannot read it) how to easily read the forum information on  blog.

Surely there will be people who have already arrived late to know this.

The other day I showed it clearly.

This would be enough for me to contribute to Japanese users.

Anyway, I will always be good.



And let’s not forget about the EXTRA CHESTS + THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of gems given on Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard, before it’s discontinuance.

I think flare should take those resources from all the cheaters combined, I’m estimating here, but, let’s say that’s around 1M crystals, 1k chests, and 500k gems. I’m up for a raffle to see what player gets those rewards! :lol:

I’m just kidding, btw lol

I do agree that these cheaters and their resources should be discontinued

But flare did. And its ofc is the topicz

flare have their own value as you said.

so they banned and forever( there were a lot of this guys) and just for pro( when the cheats are do not hard, like multiaccs).


so not, ofc they shouldnt bann for it from the game.

and Lacuna,  to bann for the multiaccings is not smart

Would be fun to see how are Flare will take back all prhoebes which was got but not clear way and VL/RL/VN( and many others) will wake up with lvl 2 phoeba beast??

Well different kinds of cheating should correspond to different levels of punishment. 

If someone is using cheating tools, that should result in a more severe punishment than someone having multi accounts to benefit in the pro league. 

Being a one time offender should not result in thd same punishment as a repeat offender. 

Going one step further: how much you benefit from the infringment should also be taken into consideration. 

Hi there LacunaC :slight_smile:

This is not gameplay idea per se, nor a real feature request. I will move this to general discussion-other.

Thank you.

Cheating to win 50 000 gems should be bannable. Flare lost war with cheater so they removed montlhy rewards.