Please banned cheat players

Japan / chinesse fake account always using cheat engine online,  their have full blessing 24/7, please check them

This cheat engine give them unlimited gems and coins and make more players inactive because the game not interesting

Only one day the chinesse acount on my island always level up and blessing on 24/7… hello??? 

Hi Blue Tiger,

Please report these players to the customer support.

If you have their ranking and/or the ranking of their Alliance, it would help a lot too.

Also please note that these players might also make real money purchases in the game. :grinning:

full blessing 24//7 is not something so strange.

Hi Blue Tiger, if you are blaming the other players use cheat engine please show your proof.

You are only saying that other clans cheat because they have full blessing which you don’t have. Don’t you think you are ridiculous?

You can easily find, the clans who has the top 10 players all have full blessing 24//7. Lots of generals just spent so much money and when it comes to you, it is cheating…

If you wanna bet, that the admins can ban your account if the clan you are blaming isn’t cheating, that is fair.


Alysea, please stop such blaming players and give them some punishment for their defamation.

I am in a top 5 alliance and we have all blessings 24/7. I guess we are cheating too…

My ally is on level <whatever> and due to a noble spender, we also have 24/7 boosts most time.

I am pretty sure this one cheat and use a cheat engine its very weird. Honestly I don’t see the goal for him to do that


this guy just join me by the name of jacobyeager9663 but what is very weird, when you click on his name a another name appear


Jason Morris? strange and the cheat engine is like you can see on this screenshot, he have just started the game probably few minutes ago and got already 600 trophy and when you look on his name his trophy continue to up 600,627,640,etc…


you can see 600 trophy and no defense,no building nothing. So i don’t take a chance and I kick him

Edit : (Update) I have no clue of what happen. Now when I see his name its clearly write jacobyeager9663. Hercule level 7, some defense and 607 trophy. So its very weird. I don’t know what to think about this. A visual bug? or something else?


To be honest, it is rather hard to cheat in an MMO with a cheat engine. The principle they use while developing clients is grounded within the fact that it is “in the hands of the enemy”, thus all data and calculations are done on the servers. Clients only display and transmit sensory information, the actual “brains” are secured enough to discourage cheating. 

Now, if there is a leak (one of the devs is having his little fortune from selling cheats), people somehow learned how to fake the msges sent by clients or there are any duplication exploits, cheating is possible. Lets hope neither is the case and assume what could have happened. My best take would be the synchronization delay between the servers used to store alliance data and player data. For instance, one thing I notice a lot is ranking table, where some people surrounding me actually have much lower or higher rating if I check them one by one.

As always. Morgan would be the one to prove me wrong / provide actual insights and answers 

Interesting topic. I play for 1 year and i never suspect a cheating… And in addition  we can bless anything we want 7/24. Except  hydra beause noone use it in my team. So blessing all can be possible. 

Hi blue Tiger,

what you are suggesting is not possible.Cheat engines can not be used with an on-line game.The thing you mentioned about 24/7 hours blessing is possible and for that players make huge donations to Alliances.Like, in my team there are three players who are actively making donations everyday with gems and cash.As a result we are getting various divine blessings for months.So,I what can suggest you is this if you are having difficulty with players having divine blessings don’t fight them or better look start searching for teams that are providing blessings on daily basis.I to initially faced such problems wasted my first two months with Alliances that do not provide Divine blessings even during Alliance wars.