Please boost invocations damage


I have a request for FG please revise the  invocations damage values.

Right now we have boosted defenses and new Ascenion level is 150 but we still have invocations that were used at level 131.

I mean they need damage boost.

For example if I facing l shape. Defense with charon towers in Helios light. I cast Hydra invocation to take them out but nowdays this invocation doesn’t even take half life of charon towers thanks to odyseey boost and defense new levels.On the other hand fist of power is so good that takes nyxs towers in a single cast.

Also please @CaptainMorgan and @Madlenfix frenzy bug.


I think they’re unchanged since level 115, actually. I don’t really think a buff is needed, though. They’re pretty powerful in my opinion. Offense is still stronger than defense, I’d say.


I agree about offense being stronger than defense but I feel some invocations need fix as they seem little outdated 

Like improvement in damage or cost change(Increased cost).


As long as frenzy doesn’t get buffed ?


Actually it kinda feels like the Hydra Invocation is weaker than the Power.  It certainly lasts longer … but there haven been times where I’ve run a defense - used the invocation and it did maybe half damage to a charon tower.  I’d re-run the defense, using Odysseus - and the tower would practically explode. 

It seems like by increasing the duration on the Invocation… they actually diluted the damage.


@CaptainMorgan thank you for boosting Hydra invocation in version 5.0.0