Please bring back Rate My base Series.

Hi Flare,


When I started game I saw Jason  videos and it gave me some idea how to build good base. it really increased my curiosity to construct the good base. Going through the base and explaining pros and cons of the base layout and troop combination used.

I know that Jason is not playing game but there are other people like  Opelle or Floathboss or some moderators who can do that now.

So please bring back  the Rate my base Series. its really useful.

yes please back it again and people can also earn 1000 gems from it and it help a lot please bring back  :slight_smile:

Please revamp Jason

Hmm… I’ve seen this done in multiple games… Possibly a royal revolt 2 kingcast from the moderators and administration to go over their favorite layouts, tips & tricks, and from time to time some trolling fun

Nah, with the overpower whelming strength of garg towers (it even harder to destroy than skull tower, while cheaper), almost every base now is in L layout, and L layout means: first waves with monster to buy time, last waves with ranged unit to cut reinforcement. Period. Not as flexible like these old days. Now, go watch all Flothaboss videos or so, then look at the top bases to confirm the trend, u can have a pretty decent base.

Dang they stopped doing rate my base? D:

And Steel: That is only for super high level/top players. The lower you go down the trophy ladder, the more diverse bases you see :wink: