Please bring visual customization system

Hey @CaptainMorgan is it possible to bring a transmit system to Olympus Rising?

Right now we can only change the colour of the gears but I think it would be a lot cooler if we can change the appearance of our gear too( where will not lose thier perks)

I got this idea from assassin’s creed Odyssey. The game allows players to change the visual appearance of gear and weapons while keeping their original statistics. This feature is directly available from inventory and doesn’t cost any drachmae nor has any cool down. Player can change the visual appearance of items at any time.

Here is one video of the same

Very good idea, I once wrote that there was such an option as in ps4 games so that you can change the visualization of objects, heroes would look great and such an aspect would make us very happy

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yep gets my vote, RR2 has loads of skins all monsters etc, here really needs something cool like that. Something to spend gems on!


That’s right Phil in rr2 so there are tournaments from time to time, you get some artifacts for them in fights and later you can exchange them for some skin of the unit, tower or beast or GK, in addition to this you can exchange the artifacts for items, that you don’t normally get, something like unique items


just to be sure: skins does not do anything additional to the units? (not like equip a skin to the 3rd unit of the 4th wave will make it invisible…)

if it is something in addition that does not need an item slot or will get you a titan item less of your chests, it is absolute bug free and fg can make some gems for nothing, why not.

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It would certainly make sense, especially later in the game, to be able to choose your appearance without sacrificing your build. We will look into whether there is a viable option. I’ve added it for discussion within the team.

Closing this to free up votes.

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