Please Buff the Rewards for Quests

Not only do we need new quests to freshen things up, but also we need the rewards for the current quests to be moved up. The screenshot below shows an example. 10 vouchers for 2500 defensive wins. 2500!! That takes years to accomplish, why do we get 10 vouchers for finishing that? The rewards for quests needs to drastically go up

Yup, totally agree!

Too low rewards actually…

Truly we could use some new quests as well, they never got updated with the new troops/spells/upgrades. Kind of lackluster.

Agreed. I prefer adding new quest with new buff rewards because I think it’s difficult for flare to give the difference rewards for those who already complete certain quest (though it’s better if they can give that difference if they decide to buff the old rewards).

Totally agreed!?

I also agree with this. They could for example add quests like “equip X pro items” or such thing. Or “fight 1000 times aside with Growl”.

After almost 2 years playing this game I still didn’t finish this quest.

Only a couple players lose against me per day, on average (most times they all get 99-100%), so there’s still a long road ahead to finish this quest.

This is exactly my point! Do you think 10 vouchers for YEARS of hard work is enough? Of course not! 


For 50000 Stuns needed 2 and a half years of normal gameplay

+8 months of targeted use of stunning (240 DAYS, every fight!) = 38 months

All I got is 20 gems!



The rewards values are really too low

Specially considering that quests are hard to complete and we can receive those rewards ONE TIME ONLY!

Wish they would change the quest system to more of a trade thing, instead of only 3 levels for each quest
Like, every X units spawned gives X amount of gems. Permanent values, infinite quests.

And definitely better rewards! Current, spawn 50k units / cast 50k spells to receive only 20 gems is just ridiculous 

long time we ask to have new quest like :

  • Buy 1 Pro item in Pro Shop (Bronze) Buy 3 Pro items in Pro Shop (Silver) Buy 5 Pro items in Pro Shop (Gold)

  • Use 100 Times Tammy (Bronze) Use 500 Times Tammy (Silver) Use 1000 Times Tammy (Gold) (The same for all Pals)

  • Participate in 1 Conquest (Bronze) Participate in 3 Conquest (Silver) Participate in 5 Conquest (Gold)

  • Win 1 Conquest (Bronze) Win 2 Conquest in a Row (Silver) Win 3 Conquest in a Row (Gold)

over 100 Quests easy since the add of Monk,Lightning,Necromancer,Pro League,Conquest,etc…

For the old Quest Flare should learn from Olympus Rising rewards Quest. Give me few minutes I will show you the rewards you can get

and many mores…

Someone who finish all of them in Gold can get over 30,000 or 40,000 gems. Enough to max all decoration,Alliance donation and unlock all Heroes slots.

So RR2 need to up all quests voucher who give 10-20 by 100,500 and 1000 and Quests who give 5-20 Gems by 50,100 and 1000

The Quests should be rewards player to play those games and more for play it over 1,2 and 3 years. Not sure but probably one reason why RR2 have drop 1 Million player in 2014 to below 200k in 2018. No one want to play a beta game for nothing. No one

You spend time of your life to play a virtual games. Maybe possible some of you sacrifice their life and neglect it for RR2. Who is not agree how can you feel great when you work hard on a quest and finally got it. All the satisfaction behind this.

Sadly RR2 Quest give nothing no goosepup,no joy,nothing.  I don’t feel satisfy when I finish one. However in OR when I finish them my joy up and a smile appear. Very satisfy oh god. In OR you don’t work for nothing. All the hard work is well rewarded.

Hope one day Flare will understand in future update they must up the rewards in RR2.