Please change the system to see if a player is really online

I know Flare is currently implementing a system where a player has to truly be “online” in order for him or her not to be attacked, but please change the way the system detects such a behavior. It’s obviously not working as intended.


I was doing a “marathon” raid and I was up to rank 7, then “BAM” players started attacking me while I was obviously online since I was constantly raiding.


I don’t know why the system is so “complex”. Make it simple, i.e. if a player doesn’t do any raids (raids include ninja raid, war raid, PL raid or normal raid) within 5 minutes, then he can be “attacked” even if he is online. If he does the raid again, then he “comes back online”, and shall not be able to get attacked. It should be as simple as that. If a player raids every 5 minutes just to avoid being attacked, then, well… he is considered online!


Either that, or just lift up the “restriction” where everyone can attack anyone. Having a really double standard complex system that is triggered by an unknown time period or condition is frustrating.


p.s. I went from Rank 7 to not being able to even participate in the 5300 Ninja tier because the system was “triggered” while I was doing my raids, while it wouldn’t switch off no matter how long I shut down the game.




Supposedly if you change pages or do something within 1 minute (I think) you should be considered online and therefore unable to be attacked. So you may have encountered a bug. Are war battles an exception to this? I forget. 

Yeah, in the war you are allowed to be attacked while you are online…even while you yourself are attacking

I’m not talking about war, I’m talking about normal raids. After a certain even if you are genuinely online doing raids, the system will penalize you by allowing others to attack you even if you are online.

We know, he was just answering my question. I think wars are the only exception to the cant-attack-online-players rule. So in that case you found a bug. 

Have seen this also in normal raids where getting attacked while online. I also hate the fact that I waste time to attack someone and it says they are online. WASTE, WASTE, WASTE of time. Fix this crap already one way or the other, but stop finding ways to WASTE our time trying to play the game. There is too much WASTE time in game now and you wonder why people are leaving game.