Please check firebolt and necromancer stats

Just now after you changes,necromancer and firebolt damages have considerably increased,the 5k tier players which I could easily defeat,right now I am not able to even reached the gate do check,Even before this game was somewhat playable,now with all the gems requirement,it is literally impossible to even play,And now this overpowered defense,DO check. 

The defenses SHOULD be stronger than they were. It was so easy to just breeze by everyone you faced. Occasionally you’d come across a base with a good enough base to make you lose, but those kinds of bases have gone down more and more as we see the offensive stats get buffed. For instance: the Hammerstrike spell. That used to be a terrible spell and now it’s one of the best. I think these new changes will bring some more strategy into the game and put the “Tower Defense” back into the game

What’s the use,after spending so much on everything,they are just openly cheating people,if they wanted to nerf hammerstrike spell,than why did they gave that blacksmith armour set,now what is the use of that,I have spent such on bladestorm(pearls and gems)  now what’s the use.

Yeah, I know you’re right. They shouldn’t be nerfing the offensive stats, they should be buffing the defensive stats. This way, the work that players put into those offensive stats doesn’t get bumped down again and again