Please comment on professional tournament

I am really depressed about the way flaregames work

You are making the professional pro league even worse

They have too many accounts and make professional tournament easier for them

I advise you to limit your professional ticket donations to your friends as it will cause outbreaks and abuse of the game

It’s a disadvantage for me and for other who are compliant with the terms of flaregames with a account

And those who are playing multiple accounts they are laughing and saying I’m king

Please check out the account and what they are doing

Thank you

Those with multiple accounts will be banned in due time, I’m sure. There are a ton of cheaters, apparently, so I’m guessing flare is a little busy trying to fix that at the moment


Yes, I understand. These players should be banned, but all I’m saying is that there are so many, that it’s gonna take a while to get rid of all of them

It will not help them. But they will have a lot of tickets and pals, its true.

Not only banned these accounts (fake)

But also banned his (all who r doing) main account. 

Those accounts are not locked

I wI’ll vacation the game

I only have 1 Cái Bang account


If I were you, I’d wait till 4.0 comes out. Perhaps everything will be fixed when it comes out…I really hope so

a couple of weeks ago I did a search and found that there were at least 3 other King Thunderbolt#'s out there.  They have since gone inactive or changed their names.  I cannot believe anyone would want to be ME!  I don’t know if someone just put that name in for any specific reason or they wanted the same name, and the generator popped out a new # behind the Thunderbolt.   Anyway, not all similar names are going to be extra accounts.  Some just look similar, bit the blatantly OBVIOUS ones…  I don’t know how people have the time to have all these multiple accounts, I don’t have time for the only one I have!  We need to get them girlfriends or something! ?


Plus they gonna open another set after they are banned 

“wheels on the bus go round and round”???


Haven’t sing that song for long it happens that you forget words ???