Dear Flaregames,


My king’s name is HsMk and his level is 120 - the maximum level of Royal Revolt 2’s kings currently. I don’t understand how you calculate about gaining/losing skulls during alliance war. i didn’t have time to play Royal Revolt 2 for a long while, my defense ability was maxed out before the alliance war version coming, but after the update, my defense power is very weak compare to other players on top 100. Now, I start to play Royal Revolt 2 again, but most of alliances are kicking me out because I made them lose too much skulls of their alliance. Even if I pay hundreds of thousands gems to instant upgrade my defense until I max it out, I will still be top 10 alliances’ burden because other players will spend a little amount of gems or pearl to use scroll or revive to gain about 1000 skulls every raid while I only gain 800. I paid lots of money for gems but what I’m getting is definitely not fair. Those alliances treat me as burden, trash, useless king. Please check your formular to make this game fair for all the players who spend lots of time or even money to level up their kings to high level. I think it would be much better if Flaregames calculate the skull as medals. If you can develope your algorithm of calculating skulls it would be much more fair for all the king with high level. I wish you can do your best about this. Thank you very much.


Give us justice

my ign: tran minh, my king lv 104. His problem the same with me. I think nobody want spent gem for level up king’s. plz fix max skulls gain from high level


i’m thiencancook, too. i spent a lot of gems to up king’s level. now my king is level 100.

i still love HsMk, he’s a real player on this game  :slight_smile:

HsMk join our alliance Open Team , rank 236 your defence and king is maxed out so if you will join us YOU would instantly promoted to general or The Leader, please :slight_smile:

You spent gems to increase your level, just hope they won’t ask you spend gems to lower your level. that pitty

Boohoo… Join a weaker alliance, problem solved…


If you have to be in a top alliance then you need to prove yourself worthy of a top alliance…


I’m sure the game was like that before you took a break…

Post đéo chả hiểu gì, nick mình là <> hiện đang thủ lĩnh CLAN BinhDuong.NO1 => ai chưa có clan thì vào nhá !!!

I can say that you won’t have that problem in United We Stand if you’re interested.  We’re aiming for the top 100s and are rising steady and rapidly with increasing donations, 29% gold boost, 9% taxes, and constant Elite Boosts during War time.  We’re active, chatty, and We stick together, if you’re interested message myself or one of my Generals: Dena4.

also , ask mischreiber how hes handling it since I believe Michael is 2nd highest level player in the game.I don’t think hes handling well however hmm

DEm alliances not fair at all.

Like mischreiber has done with Koenigliche Diebe, Budakalasz has done with HUNS: grow an alliance by helping form lower level players. Now many of those lower-level players are on the verge of becoming high-level ones. I think it’s great what mischreiber and Buda have done. 


So if you feel like you want to do the same, join the HUNS to help us grow. We’re an alliance that will treat you with dignity and not just see you as a throwaway king. We’ve been as high as #23, and we’re hoping to get there again, and much higher, through leveling up our alliance in the near term. 

I don’t think it will be fair that they shrink your level, especially since you(and others) paid so much money for this/ or spend so much time on it. Maybe what they could do is make king level less a significant factor when it comes to calculating skulls.

Hey everyone (new guy on the forums here),


Thank you all very much for your feedback! Unfortunately, there is no direct way of decreasing your hero’s level manually. However, we will be forwarding your concerns and wishes and will take a closer look at the problem.

Well Jack you might wanna explain about the delay of spell range bug too on the server update topic , its annoying to failed raids due to bugs

the current formula for skull is easily being calculated.  it is just a linear function of king lvl.  :lol:


calculating skull base on medal is also not fair, because u can just open ur base then u will little medal = little skull. And ppl cannot farm anything from u. 


Probably skull should depend on some interval of king lvl. Say lvl 90 - 100 has certain amount of skull. lvl 101 - 120 has another amount of skull. At least it is less dependent on specific king lvl.  

is Jack replacing Jona as forum admin now?