Please delete Discord Server message

It’s been up for three months. On my computer it’s not a big deal, but it takes up almost an entire screen on my phone. It is not the most important issue facing RR2 players, and certainly doesn’t need to be at the top of every page of the forums.

Minor issue, sure, but why not mention it.

Seriously, there’s no reason for it anymore. It’s not that important.

Pretty sure it’s been up for almost a year

Edit: over a year. Please get rid of it, everyone that cares has probably already joined

If it absolutely has to be there, at least move it to the announcements or the main page. It really doesn’t need to be in every sub forum and every topic.

It may not take up too much screen on my phone but it’s annoying as hell in that it shows in full and after a while it shrinks to just the first line, moving the entire page contents upward. I can’t remember how many curses I’ve thrown by going to the wrong topic by accident because the page moved and I forgot to wait it out.

It`s Alysea-Memorial only hehe

It’s the only thing we have to remember her by. I know I’ve never been around when she was active. But I’ve seen some of her posts and she was good. Why’d she get fired (or laid off, or whatever)?

we don’t know exactly what happen to her. I think she got fired but no proof of that anywhere. So we guess Flare fired her. The reason? no clue. We guess its because she was too much active and too much competent for Flare. the real story probably we never know…