Please discuss a possible Nemesis Pal buff

Hi there,

Nemesis! Pal buff! YES, we are thinking about it! :wink:

2 things:

  1. We have ideas in mind for it, but we are not ready to communicate these yet. That’s why number …

…2. You can feel free to post ideas and suggestions below. (Yes, I am aware of some threads that exist, and I have already shared these with the devs, but it is best to have everything in place in this thread here).

As always, everything is subject to change and we cannot give any ETA for when a possible change will happen.


Main problem is the pal is running behind hero (that’s main problem of most pals, for defensive pals this is fine, but for destructive pals, they need to run in front of hero), where he does almost no damage and is very ineffective. Hero needs to push it constantly forward to benefit. 

So running in front of hero, where his presence and action is required should be priority one. By changing that, the beast also will be there where he needs to do damage. For the rest of the advice, I leave that part over to players having nemesis pal.


First make it more affordable then we can talk buff ing. ?

I agree with Dena, give Nemesis some steroids to run faster.


Notes down: Insert steroid option. Let’s see if this makes it into the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Or if he stays behind add a healing aura to him.

I think better to make skaletons shieldable

In favor! Will use WD in offence again then.

Just like @Dena4 has already mentioned, make the pal run faster.

This is specially noticed upon his pal beast transformation, where the hero needs to be constantly pushing him…

Unlike other pal beasts where their speed is significantly better to wreak havoc on the enemy’s defense.

Also, it may be just me… but having a random damage bomb attack seems totally absurd.

Make it either only 1 or 2 useful damage types, like fire and blunt… Or just give a new constant kind of ability.

So… Just remove poison from it already, it’s just a wasted attack :grinning: .

That is the first thing I was going to suggest.


  1. Make skeletons shieldable (would be great for Necromancer too), otherwise they die too fast.

  2. There’s a lot of wasted time with the transformation into beast. Does it really have to transform? Why not just have it keep it’s pal form during the special attack ?

Or you could keep the transformation but reduce the cooldown time to compensate for this.

  1. The special attack seems lackluster. Is the destruction it provides bigger (or similar) to Kaiser’s or Irmgard’s ?

Either more bombs or stronger bombs.

  1. Maybe add an aura to Nemesis (all the time or only during the transformation), like poison or fear aura.

For its price definitely needs a buff! It is way too expensive  i was gathering crystals for 5 months  and i thought that i get something premium but things are not like this! It is almost useless, it is below the average strength.

Nemesis (and of course Nidhoqq and Eldrak too) are very ugly when they transform to beast. 

Transformation animation takes too long time. His total time just standing casting this spell is really big. Or it should be so he can cast it while moving so he doesn’t end up so far behind.

Maybe his beast version do more damage type then just normal because I can’t really see much impact from it. Maybe make it more like the bombs the normal beast throws.  But larger bombs with more damage or something 

Holy Moly! Where have you been so long, @Macamus?

Honestly, I don’t believe buffing it can be a good solution for that pal

Nemesis is so bad because its ability is bad, and buffing it would only work if it would make the pal brokenly OP. Because that’s the only way I can see that “Necromancer-like” pal being worthy of its current price!

Nemesis needs rework, a complete rework IMO
And even a visual rework for the beast form (on all dragon pals BTW), because I gotta agree with what @orko said hahah 
When I first saw the dragon pals I was excited because I expected their beast forms to be something very cool, powerful and intimidating, but instead they turn into a pufferfish 


I’ll just re-post it here, because, like you said, it’s best to have everything in place in this thread here
And in case more members want to know what thread you’re mentioning and want to discuss about it…

And I’ll add:

If Nemesis summons a dragon, it’s worth 150k crystals 
If it’s only 1 dash of a dragon, it’s worth 150k crystals
If there is only a chance to summon 1 dash of a dragon, it’s still worth 150k crystals
If that 1 dash doesn’t even have the full power of a normal dragon’s dash, it’s still worth 150k crystals

I think I made my point clear here, on why it needs a rework

If it had a good, interesting and useful ability, it wouldn’t need a buff
In fact, it could even get a nerf and would still be a great 150k crystals worthy pal



It would be great if price of nemesis gets buffed but it’s very difficult now Anyway ,  new things can be added like translocation chance , time warp e.t.c ?

Lol, I agree and so I have a better idea .

Make a beast look like the bird in the right hand of @Madlen



I must say that :If nemesis spawns all the three dragons at once, it’s worth 150k crystals



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