Please discuss a possible Nemesis Pal buff

8 days CQ? When?

I don’t think Nemesis should be nerfed, but it is insanely powerful. So Flare will eventually nerf it when more players beginning to have that and introduce another pro pal with 250k crystals.

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Its the funniest thhing for me

A lot of guys here are saying it OP and should be neefed

IMMIDIATLY after Flare will do it- here will be a shit storm with a same posts as always- “greedy flare”, “ not honest”,”i will delete the game” and etc

Every time is same:)
Community forcing to do things and blame Flare in this:)

About Nemesis
As i understand the only good thing there is heal bomb
Dragon is useless

I have a lot of failes at my base from players with nemesis

I even didnt start to put runes inthe towers

In long term soon the nemesis will need the buff🤣

first ones, don’t you remember? Like they never tried it internally before releasing. Boy that was hell.

The main thing you should understand- flare is very small company it seems
Not enought employees so not fast new stuff and no tests before🤣

Still I dont have nemesis pal. After a long three month saving, I managed to bring upto nearly 145k pro crystals and I was dreaming about nemesis until I read these posts. If I buy it, what if they nerf the pal? All my crystals will go in vain :frowning: or should I keep raiding with all other existing pals.

Buy and enjoy playing
They can buff or nerf everything thats normal

Your base is pretty strong.
Whenever friends ask me for a good base to test their combo, I send them to your defense. :rofl:

Of course Nemesis is not 100% fail proof. I still lose sometimes with Nemesis, but it’s much stronger than every other pal.

If nemesis is in front of the hero: no more heals.

But since his attack is ranged, not sure the problem exists at all

I did give that comment in november 2018. At that moment nemesis was not even buffed and heal was not even one of his abilities.

But that can be still no problem, running in front of hero. A heal bomb should be thrown backward anyway, when pal is running in front of hero and damaging bombs towards the danger (defensive troops, beast or structures).

Sorry. When this new forum first came out. It was so awkward navigating it that I gave up.

I tried again after being frustrated by pearls. And figured it out. So… nemesis will poop bomb too?! I like it!

Personally, I have found nemesis to dull the game. :sleeping: