Please don't add anymore level for defense

We cost much time to upgrade anything, but you want us must upgrade level day after day. After 3 months you will add new level again? Why don’t you improve it, you an increase health or damage in each level. Upgrade level make us boring. This game has endless level. WE DONT LIKE THE WAY YOU SOLVE ISSUES

What similar type of game dont have endless levels of upgrades ?

If upgrade make u boring-no need do it

in war nobody caress about defense

Don’t worry Flare may provide worker donation …

I guess it’s there big surprise…

Liebes Flaregames team ihr verschiebt nur die Probleme indem ihr wieder 1 Level Tower/Barrikaden einfügt. In paar Monaten bekommen dann Truppen und Zauber wieder 1 Level. Sorry aber so gehen noch mehr Leute. Anstatt mal mal das Spiel zu Balance verarscht ihr die Com. 

More lvls isnt bad… shure it wont solve all the defense problems but isnt bad at all.

You are working on maxing your defense but i tell you this… you will get really bored when you max the majority of them. More lvls keep us going…

You dont need to be at the top (it is boring and cost a lot). Enjoy the run, be patience.