Please don't add the basilisk/heal tower to ninjas

Just no. I paid close attention to the towers I was passing (the second time_)_ and they all died, and still ended up with 99%. First island. 

If you really needed to change it, make the levels of towers in islands 1-20 higher. Ninjas was one of the few parts of the game I still enjoyed because they didn’t have the heal/basilisk towers. 

Please go back to the original levels. 


Heal Towers were already in some levels of ninja’s I thought

It seems there was an old bug in ninja levels that made some jexter boxes not detonate, which caused people to get 99%. Maybe that’s what happened to you ?

Yes, I’ve heard that before. It could be, and they should fix that. But it’s surprising that it happened twice. That doesn’t usually happens. 


They’re all over the place in pro leagues but I haven’t seen any in ninjas until now. Also, did you get my pm?

No, I didn’t

no problems in the pc version… the healing towers are useless nonetheless :)) I’m at island 20 now, and I haven’t seen any enemy unit get healed by the tower. Not a single one…

Usually it’s Jester Box, not Basilisk or Heal tower that cause you can’t perfect your attack during Ninja event. We have to run in the middle of the path to make sure we activating jester box trap during attack.

I know that jester boxes cause problems. Or maybe it was a stupid basilisk that went became invincible when inches from death. 

I didn’t mean to make the connection between basilisk/heal towers and only getting 99% but that’s pretty much what I did in the OP, so my bad. I don’t think basilisk towers and to a lesser extent, heal towers, should be in ninjas. Actually I don’t think basilisk towers should exist in the game at all but that’s outside the scope of the post. Hoping for opinions on whether or not basilisk/heal towers should be in ninjas or if it was fine before. 


I have encountered heal tower in ninja event before and it’s fine in my opinion. Currently I’m on 24th island (level 9) and have no problem so far, just more difficult than the usual ninja setup. The one that shouldn’t be on ninja event is jester box, no until they fix it’s problem.

Lol the only problem I see you cannot anymore do like I do before. Do Ninja Event solo without troops. Now with Vikings,Boosted Basilisk tower,etc… a little more hard. Possible but a little more hard. Before I can reach 24 solo. Now around 17-18 I need Monk to survive. So they up a little the difficulty

LOL, here you can see a Jester Box that’s a few tiles ahead

You know, going by logic, bypassing jesterboxes should be rewarded, not penalised (what kind of burglar aims to trigger ALL traps? Besides the incompetentest one).

That being said (really, flare, if traps are to be set off, set them off, don’t spawn them offroad. Wtf.), I feel this event was somewhat more difficult than usual. Can’t say is it the stupid basilisks that take up a ton of time to kill (I simply don’t like them) or maybe I wasn’t trying even more than usual.

I’m guessing you all haven’t reach the last island (30) yet, longer path + plenty basilisk there, will make most of you run out of time. Do not hesitate, enjoy scrolling

The trick is to have troops that do either range or blunt damage and keeping the head above ground plus using sonic blast is a must. Having said that, I still think that tail of basilisk should not be invulnerable, but swallow at least some damage. Then at least players can take it down and not lose time when the tail pops up again, meaning we lose 5+ more seconds before we can destroy it.

I think now I know why it’s to much by adding Basilisk tower to Ninja event for some player. I heard you even put it for low tier too… (even for level 1!). It’s too much for them as they haven’t unlock many spells and still have low level for each spell. I heard even their scroll don’t one kill those basilisk when their head pops up and when the invulnerable tail pop up it destroy all their troops. I thought just like the other Ninja event before, you will adjust the towers and traps (e.g put arrow tower instead of firebolt tower in low level). In my opinion, Basilisk tower shouldn’t be exist in low level Ninja event.

Did you try it your self or not? Use your low level dev set up and try beat those basilisk, if my fellow alliance member sources is true, you’ll find it so much difficult to destroy one basilisk tower.

@Nikko @PaSte @FTB @flaretara

I also noticed that they can heal from blessing wolf/tower/frost blaster etc even when you can’t hurt them. What do you all think about that?

Good point. Don’t these things do something like 3000 damage at level 1? That’s enough to one shot a brand new player. Yeah, they’ll totally stick around after that experience…

Yes, I think even their hero will be killed with 2 -3 basilisk tail stroke.

I hope they’ll changed in the next Ninja event for better future.

After about Island 15, there were Boosted Basilik towers and Demolisher (Boosted Viking). There was even one round where ALL troops and towers were boosted. This is in the 2500-2999 trophy range (I was at 2970 at the start, now 3050). Hopefully I get the next tier for the next ninja to see the horrors of 3000 trophy tier lol. Can’t wait to complain to flare again!!

I did this ninja in the 4000-4499 range.

I thought this ninja event was clearly harder than the previous one (yeti event). Some of it was because Stone ninjas are much better than Yetis, but mostly it’s because Basilisk+Heal towers and Necromancers make the event harder as a whole. That also bring variety, which is nice.

I really liked this event. Sure, the levels are harder, but you also get 2 extra chances. I completed the ninja event 100% at 30/30, but it’s nice to know you still had 2 more tries in case you messed up along the way.


No COF coins, 2 extra tries, more troop/tower variety during islands. Ninja was already one of the best parts of the game and it’s getting even better with these changes.