Please don't let RR2 become like those other games...

When I first saw the alliance stronnghold, I immediately was alarmed. Other games have gone seriously awry when they delved into the alliance stronghold. The other games have you donate a crazy amount of resources to create the building, and also how to use it was never explained. Flare, please don’t make rr2 be like these other games!


I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it not being explained, they’ve done quite a bit of that over the last few weeks, but I do agree that games like Vikings, that are complex in their game building style, can make these things confusing. I don’t think this will be much like those other games you are referring too cause, from what I’ve seen, it’s fairly easy to see how you can upgrade, train, etc. in your personal part of the stronghold

I hope you’re right, Awesomest.  It all sounds awfully confusing reading it and trying to figure out how our teammates are going to fit into it all, but then again I learn way better by SEEING it and interacting with it (hands-on), then I do just reading something I have no idea what it looks like, how it operates, etc.

I think Awesomest is right, the system until now seems simple and they’ve been giving us hints about how it may work, week after week.

Let’s not forget, we’ll probably have 2 or 3 more dev diary entries to explain how everything works.

What may arise several questions is this so called “tech tree” or even the combat system itself.


I may be wrong but this “tech tree” sounds a lot like a talent tree from World of Warcraft or the Masteries of League of Legends.

For example: This is a talent tree from WoW (Wrath of the Lich King), where each point enhances a skill/ability or may even give a new one.

That’s would actually be a very interesting twist in the game!

It could finally bring some cool strategy into the game.

If well though, of course.

Just a little question!!!


Suppose I leave or get kicked out of my alliance, do I lose all the buildings I upgraded in the stronghold??? 

No Your personal 3 buildings remains as they were

So relieved to hear that Macamus !!!

…one last thing…r we going to get discounts on the stronghold building upgrades too ???

Tout dépend de l’arbre des technologies accessibles à chaque conquête et ce sera différent à chaque fois. Chaque alliance choisira son propre développement. Cela me semble très sympa.

Alors oui, quand la première conquête va commencer, on va apprendre petit à petit toutes les subtilités, comme lors de la première guerre, des premiers ninjas, de la première pro. Bref, un nouveau début qui promet cette fois du lourd! Mais oui, la première conquête est plus une découverte qu’une performance et cela pour tout le monde ?


I hope so. Or mostly alliances will never get max level

I left my buildings at level 7 and waiting for a event like that otherwise I won’t do it. 

Funny thought tho. If players have other accounts can’t they just do the cheap levels.  Like making a 2nd account with level 7 buildings instead of going from 7 to 8 on their main account then just jump in and donate every 2 days when its full? 

It would be alot more profitable than paying 12k gems for that last level. Wonder how many years it will take fg to prevent something like that.

Yeah, I agree. I certainly hope that a discount for these buildings will be included in the Alliance Party event