Please Drop the Pointless Visual Effects...

One of the biggest (new) annoyances of the game is the Vikings “Shield Push” visual…

Seriously, did we need to see a glowing shield pushing the Troops to understand our Troops have just been pushed by the Viking (the only Troop that pushes)?

For some reason Flare thought this was so critical to visually spell out albeit having enemy and ally troops be different colors was some how in consequential.


I’ll have to disagree on this one respectfully. Without the Shield Push animation, it would look silly like a glitch where your units just walk forward and suddenly “teleports” a few steps back. The Shield Push animation makes the transition of the entire incident more logical.


Obviously it seems helpful to you.

I’m not going to try to change your mind on that. 

But personally, I think the actual visual of the Viking ramming the Troops with his shield is enough. 


Plus it’s super weird they they singled that out!

It’s the most “highlighted” event in the game other than the spawning of a Dragon.

And it does almost nothing, no significant damage.


I mean it’s hard to see most of the Troops on a small screen in a night terrain. 

But this one tiny little thing literally glows.


When most arrows are literally impossible to see on an average cellphone screen…

Isn’t the question: “Why are my Troops dead?” far more important to answer than: “Why did they move back an inch?”

Your problem Maerique can be solve in 5 minutes if Flare wanted. We still hope and at least for players who use smartphone,Iphone,Android,etc… because on PC we don’t really need this but for Mobile User can be great if Flare can add a advanced options. Mobile can be limited in power

Turn ON/OFF Dragon Animation

Turn ON/OFF Effect of Pyromancer and Froster (Fireball and Iceball shake) this one can be a pain for low mobile

Turn ON/OFF Shadow Effect

Turn ON/OFF Viking Shield Push Animation

and so on…

this way mobile player can choose what they want to keep and what they want to remove to enjoy more the game

Not bad to have this on PC too

Many years we have suggest this. I don’t know what they waiting for to add it with just a simple Server update in 10 minutes

Wish I ran into more of the ones that only push back few steps. The ones I run into will push back my mummy from gate to opening of gate area. Fun to watch though.

Yes and no on this one. Glowing shields are indeed silly, a more fitting effect would be like a gush of wind/dust to display there’s an actual force in action. Also I’d prefer if there was a area effect for spells, like an actual circle of fire (even if a very translucent one). Would help in getting the range right as well as would look more more natural than buildings combusting spontanously.

But definetly apply troop color differences, in fact, allow players to customize their troop color schemes (maybe I’d prefer black frosters for my black castle theme).

This would be helpful for a lot of people, I think…

I play on an old cellphone and as my Morale grows and particularly when I use Pals like Ceres with it’s crazy visual effects and all the Troops it clones, my phone really cannot keep up anymore so I’m being forced to play on my laptop.

And yeah, I might upgrade my phone, but it’s a whole big thing…

And I just finally taught my phone my name after 2 years!  I don’t want to start that process again!

Does it really matter? If anything I think this helps you. As LacunaC said, it would look like a glitch without it. You could also do what WN said and have a On/Off choice. No matter what flare does on this matter, someone will be mad. The best thing to do is to put it in an On/Off switch. Not only for shadows and effects, but also for pals. Many players have YT channels and will do challenges and stuff, but it is not possible to do a challenge with no pal

No problems with that at all. The only thing that’s annoying AF is the stupid dragon animation. So annoying. Just like they removed the beast animation, they should remove the dragon animation, or at least change it somehow