please end the nonsense numbers for perks and sheilds

The numbers displayed are nonsense … you must have a bored statistician employed.

2000 shield value is different in different items…

perks have no direct bearing on the outcome seen in say spells…

Honestly this needs a spreadsheet and hours of maintaining to have any real idea what this things actually so…

yikes come on flare this is a game and is supposed to be fun not mental-mastib…

I have no idea why so much of this game is obscured in overly complicated values presented to users or just blatantly hidden behind a veil of random?

I truly would like a clear and concise answer as these issue frustrate users incessantly…

I hope you take this as a sincere piece of feedback and not ignore it.

there is so much to love about this game yet stupid obfuscation for whatever reason destroys all you have gained.


I found the numbers displayed in the stats can be different completely in raid. Flothaboss used to say that max Blizzard is about 3300 damage, but it can one shot Skull Tower level 3 about 8000 health. It also nearly destroyed Skull tower level 4 so it must be about over 9000 damage (while 3300 damage + 100% weakness = 6600 damage). LOL the stats are wayyyyyy too different…

The value on the item is 10x of actual value, If you have say 4000 health for wolf, the wolf’s health will increase by 400 only in battle. It’s basically 1/10. I use blizzard perks & they are very useful.

For item shields (like fire shields), I guess it is 1/1000. So 2000 fire shield would mean 2% resistance to fire. Assumptions.

Those are old tests but they still stand true. I can oneshot level 3 wolf (Over 8000 HP) with my level 8 blizz + perks (Approx 1800 damage). The values suggest that wolf is 75% weak to ice, but in reality it is 300%. Those are hidden values. I can give some examples with my observations -

Archers are resistant to ice.

Ogre is way more weak to piercing than 50%. Ogre is also weak to fire & poison. (not as much as piercing) Bladestorm is also effective against them.

Gargoyles are weak to normal to a certain extent.

Arblasters are weak to blizzard.

Wolf apart from being much weaker to ice than the normal values, also seems to have piercing weakness rather than resistance. My normal arblasters tend to take them down easily despite they not being high level. Also wolf even struggles against poison.

Monk is weak to fire.

In fact the values even differ for troops dealing same amount of damage.

Now this is one experiment -

1 firebolt, 1 ogre, 1 gargoyle & 2 storm cannons

Now the ogre struck the firebolt in 1 hit. So did a single gargoyle. Both were dealing approx. 1500 blunt. Now the storm cannons dealt 1000 blunt each so I expected the cannons too to bring down in one shot each, but no, they took nearly 2+2=4 shots to bring down the firebolt. This is weird, isn’t it?

A pyromancer is more effective against Firebolts & LTs rather than firestorm.

Snake Towers too are weak to Fire.

Bomb Towers are weak to Ice.

Now out of the blue, LTs are weak to Bladestorm. Note: Monk also dealing normal damage isn’t effective against LTs.

Another thing I have noticed is that LT is the only tower not to have piercing resistance. The rest have 50-75% resistance.

The electricity damage - It is a bit like Fire damage. Troops weak to fire sustain more electric damage. I think.


You all can get similar analysis in Wikia too.


Thx I had over 3000 in perks for firestorm and it was about 200 in the spell selection screen but as I said this stuff is just obscure and needlessly obtuse.

If the numbers work for the backend fine but theres no good reason to present that to players. if the shield is in effect 2% then show that. Same as perks if its effectively 6% boost show that.

I just don’t see how any of this adds to the game or makes selecting armour a fun experience.

This is so true. I really can’t understand why would anyone decide to do it this way. it’s overly complicated, and I can’t eve decide which is best, because i don’t know actually values.