Dear flare , 
                      WHAT THE  HELL IS THIS ?



Sorry to said that but you got what you got. you have miss 500 ninja coins that is. Flaregames cannot do anything

Do you ever see a athlete crying during olympic game or whining because there is 2 gold medals at the same time and the third got Bronze Medals No. Why you cry?

You must be lucky to finish 4th if no one pass you in the last hour

what I see its totally normal





I don’t see any problem in that


That happen too in other tier you not alone maybe flaregames must change the way ninja coins is obtain or how the score its obtain. Its not perfect at 100% like War season that take 3,4 or 5 ninja event before new asjustment arrive, be patient.

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you the height of Narcissism - 

Comparing a video game you play in your bathroom break to the Olympics!

Bravo! Well done! Your parents must be real proud.

What your problem really? yes I make the comparaison video game and olympic because is the same thing of what happen. Do you have problem with that? Who are you to insult people like this on a forum. Go away no need that kind of people here.Come back here when you gonna know how to respect people. I don’t insult you or wathever look in USA if I am there thank you!

Maybe I don’t know If that can be good doing like Royal Revolt 1. If you finish before some time you have the third star and gain extra gold. Here maybe if a player finish a Island by example the first one with 50 sec left or more and get extra 2,000 ninja coins. If you are in 25/28 and its still to you 10 sec you lost 2,000 in extra because you must finish with at least 30 sec left. Something like that


Maybe if you stop taking people for “idiots” in your answers then you would not have the kind of response that Lolol has given you.
It’s only a suggestion.

And yes you have edited your first reply so it’s better now but the original message was disrespectful and agressive.

Sorry sometime I answer people who cry or whining for nothing like that but after i can come back and change my way to answer because I have a feeling its not ok. I don’t see where you have thinking I take people for ‘‘idiots’’ like you said. If that happen its only if there is a really good reason without that never or just sometime maybe

Still I don’t like people who always whining for a yes or for a no. Maybe its ok to complain about the ranking i don’t know just one think its sure Ninja Event its new and give Flaregames the time to make change that all. First maybe if people gonna give solution to Flaregames maybe after they gonna fix what you want. No people whining here its more fun. give them solutions and after if they don’t listen then at this moment you can complain

Anyway I have created in Suggestion and Improvement a topic call : Ninja Event Improvement there you can debate on Ninja Event what to improve,to remove or whatever for the next Ninja Event

You got the 4th best score. You get the reward for 4th place. It’s been like that since the beginning of the ninja event. Event is not over yet, you might place lower than fourth place. That’s how Flare decided to resolve ties. If you are not happy with, you can write to Flare, but don’t expect any compensation. 

If 10 people would get top score you would be 11th… that’s how it works unfortunately 

i got put way back to 8th space

Someone close this topic , flare is useless 

That’s how the classification system works and it’s completely fine, they’re not the first ones to do things this way, so you can’t blame them.

Topic closed as requested.