Please fix broken Wolf

Please, put the Wolf back to what it used to be!

Recently, it seems that that Wolfs howl (battlecry) can be stopped by an Ogre stun.

I have seen many times where the Wolf Howl animation starts, The battlecry should begin, but an ogre strikes the wolf, preventing battlecry?!?!?

Seriously, how is this possible? IF the animation for the Wolf Howl has started , THEN an Ogre strike  SHOULD NOT STUN the Wolf, NOR PREVENT the battlecry from happening.

I mean, what’s the point of the Wolf Howl? I still have to wait around with a Hero Scream, because the stupid wolves just there stunned AFTER OBVIOUSLY HOWLING…

I have to Summon 4 to 6 Wolves just to make sure Howl actually works… 


Another thing… For a creature that “Storms to the front with ease” WHY CAN’T A WOLF RUN BY ONE OF MY OWN OGRES!!!

REALLY? One of the fastest creatures in the game, the Wolf cant catch up to the Hero because it can’t get around ONE of my own ogres?

ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!! I run all the way back to find a wolf running exactly right behind an Ogre. 


I can see a wolf not pushing through 3 ogres, but only ONE?!?!?

Please restore the Wolf to it’s former awesomeness ASAP!!!



I noticed me too but if you want that the wolf actives its howl, it has to totally complete the animation if you wanna get the howl bonus, same thing works for Ogre…

EXAMPLE when it has to stun: you use the stunning ogre against the stunning ogre…

“you see both ogres started their attack animation, so both should be stunned?”

ANSWER: “errr no it actually doesn’t work in that way” it has to finish the animation to works. This mechanism works for all elements in-game so also for the werewolf.

Second your request, yeah it’s true Werewolf should move around ogre instead of following its shadow, my worries are that maybe it’s not technically possible fix that.