Please fix duplicate unique items

Finding unique items is a good thing but finding a duplicate is a headache.
I have been playing olympus rising for two years and so far have found atleast 45 unique items out of which 22 are duplicate.
The biggest problem with duplicate unique items is that they take space in inventory, can’t sell them for high amount too , can’t use them for forging reqular items and my biggest problem is this whenever i open a titan chest I end up finding a duplicate unique item instead of finding a one star or five star titan item which are really scares in game due to introduction of refining.

@CaptainMorgan please do something about it. I have been waiting for some time for info. So what’s your take on duplicate unique items?

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i do not have problems with double uniques in general, as you can make different setups when it comes to refining or if you want to have one pure, just in case.

but: what i dont like is the fact that the perk of the unique can vary a lot compared to the base ability.

normally the base has the same value - in the example above even this is not true, and there is a difference of 24k of demolition, which makes the double one kind of powerless compared to the other one.

i wonder if there is anything i/we can do s.t. also the perk of such a low qualitiy item will become useful (e.g. by a second forge step afterwards - but uniques will always be transferred to their maximum values on that level - so this is also useless).
t.b.h. i dont want to forge it and i dont want to refine it if i get such a reduction in values compared to the other one - and sadly this fact makes this double unique kind of useless for me.

here is another example…

@CaptainMorgan here the reduction on petrify is about 20% compared to the other item. why is there such a big difference and what can i do against this? curse the item can not be the solution - i want that double unique: one pure and the other for a gold refine ( - but not with a 20% reduction ofc)

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But the thing is the refining of uniques has sub par stats compared to a normal item. Even the stats of uniques start of sub par. They need a boost to their stats.
Look at the 2 capes I have for Artemis - one is a good stat unique at max lvl, the other was a green item forged to max. Normal items are way superior. Only a few uniques are worth having, the rest are junk. Uniques should at least not use any inventory slots when you have them, sort of like ‘ghost slots’ no physical space.


We are still discussing this, but it is currently the case that having a better use for duplicate Uniques is not a the top of our priority list. We do want to solve this problem soon, but it will not be in the next version. Until the feature is confirmed I cannot really give you any further info here.

We agree with the points you are making, and this may be something we address soon.

Just being able to use uniques as a normal forge dismantle would be great. Even as a 1 star, but 5 (or better) would be extra nice. They do kinda clog up the inventory after a while.

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Can unique items be converted into five star titan items?
Like we can convert a unique item into two or maybe three five star titan items.
This will be an efficient way to dispose them instead of selling them for low gold price.
Also it will be great to provide some boost to them.

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I’d take a single one star Titan item.

For 10M gold, you can take them out of your item count at least. But it does seem silly to re-curse them when you don’t need what would come out. Maybe a new batch of uniques to give us a target. 3 unique per hero? :wink:

Yeah I have all the uniques. I dont really need to curse any.

Same here , i have 40 duplicate uniques and don’t want to curse them it is useless for me , so it would be better if game allow us to split them in 2 1* titans or 1 5* titan.

And at ghe same time what i want most is hercules claws but didn’t get a single one lol.

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hello Captain.

i know i asked about this several times (see e.g.
) and i know also the answer from the june/july section may be answered shortly…

i dont know if i missunderstand the given description of the refineing of uniques right (see ):

in particular the sencences “Dismantling a Silver- or Gold-Star item to Forge a Unique Item will add additional Perks from the item you dismantled, allowing you to have up to 4 stats on any Unique Item. Doing this will also raise it to the maximum power for your Ascension Level.”

my understanding from this has been the following (and i wonder if i am wrong):

  • the values of the perks on the unique can not be influenced and become their max. values
  • there is no need to forge or refine this unique first
  • and after the transfer, are the taken to the highest quality this unique can offer - or does a weak perk (not the main one) of the unique has no influence

so i made a test that i want to share and that i want to ask in addition:
i took a rather weak gold 5-star titan on my best claws

and got

my questions are now:
beside the orignial destruction perk, would the result have been different to the one above if i did this instead? (i ask for the values of the transferred perks)

and in addition what would be the result of the first “experiment” if i would have used a 5-star titan gold-cycle item with the same perks as above but with values of the perks to be transferred of lets assume their values doubled… would e.g. the new transferred perks on the unique also have double values, because the transfer is independet or the same process than like for a normal item and just bc it is a unique item these values are raised to their max. values AFTERWARDS?
(i have a bad feeling like this might be the case now, and once again i missunderstood the very short and maybe missleading description … so sad)

Please change this as a priority with an easy fix. I am pretty sure double uniques is a burden for most. Giving them some meaning with an easy way, will help their game in a big way.

You fix the following:

  1. scarcity of titans (if used for dismantle)
  2. item space freed
  3. effective use of them while being useless
  4. make them matter again, they really don’t matter for me, I dont even plan to use any - if they are better than a 1* ttian at least for dismantle, I would want to receive them, right now I dont want to receive them
  5. please the community - we have been asking for a long time.



Added Perks on uniques - get a fixed value, depended on their “power level” just like the “unique” perk can be 60k or 80k for example.

Just take 1* dismantles all the way, use the right perks as you have shown to avoid random, and its the “cheapest” way. Old items are great for this tactic.

I did the mistake, before they even changed this feature, I used my best most maxed and 5* titans and it was all a waste in the end. No compensation. Trust me, it’s this way. Long discussion.

I agree with @Archimides @CaptainMorgan please give this issue a priority for next version or maybe next to next version.
It’s been more than a year we have this problem of not able to anything useful with duplicate unique items.

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Nan can you ask such questions in some other threads or better make a separate thread for it.
I made this thread so that FG will do something about duplicate unique items

thx archimides.
i know that this is the case for normal forging of uniques.
but i was not sure about it when it when it comes to refining as for the transfer of the perk itself it could be possible that this depends on the perk values itself (on the item to be dismantled). “-> hidden green” and then afterwards those values are transferred to 5* titan. if this is not the case as you said, great.
but what i do not understand is what determines the value then? the original perk on the unique - as you know there can be a huge difference between those …

what is this “power level” if it not represented by its value that is shown - its original green (or grey) value without any forging? and what if i use very old items from the old forge that got a nerf when used in the new forge… this is so confusing and need some clarity.

@HOLYDIVINE i am sorry that i mixed my question in your thread - for me those and your request do have a strong relation. i do not know how to move the posts into another topic, maybe a moderator can help with that?
edit: i did this now …

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regards the original question:
i know that it is hard if someone is longing for a particular unique and has several doubles. also if you have every unique possible and you just get more and more doubles that fill up your inventory.
but imho this are luxury problems. too many received guaranteed uniques from war chests, too many titan points from top trophy positions (10 or 100), too many titans chest bought with gems in the beginning. no idea why people have 40 uniques or more.

i can only tell that it is ok for me the way it is: i still dont have every unique possible, i have double, for some i even want double uniques because i like one pure and one where i can experiment. it is the different qualities that i dont like bc uniques are rare and it also does not fit to the name “unique”. at least the base is the same for all.

but if they bring up something in addition - i think i would not mind about it, if it isnt tailormade just to fullfill the needs for the very top of us and repair luxury problems that most of players never will have.

every “fix” can be a potential bug…


I don’t think so .
I know some players have over sixty unique items!!!
Tell this to that player who has over 60 unique items.
Right now game doesn’t offer anything to do with extra unique except to curse them again or refine them.
Both options offer no new value to me.
My inventory is clogged with extra unique items and I don’t know what to do with them.
I won’t sell them for sure or refine them as normally forged utems are way better then unique items.


It does get really annoying to say the least when you know you have all except one, and the odds are now totally stacked against you to find the ‘missing’ one! I’d swap 20 duplicates to complete the set (I’m missing a useful one unfortunately otherwise I wouldn’t care that much) and I probably have 20 spare.
Incidentally if I get a duplicate unique instead of a 5* titan item from an oddessy or war chest, it feels like I’ve been robbed.
I’d prefer to have an opt out button for uniques as one I stopped fighting against the odds and looking for my last unique (mainly as it costs too much vs chance of actually finding it)

It strikes me as very ‘odd’ the number of people just missing one unique. Almost every player I ask is missing one, not the same one, but still just one and they have 25+ duplicates.

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I agree with you