Please fix the trophy algorithm...this time for winning too

We all know the algorithm for trophies sucks on defense and sucks when it comes to losing an attack. However, there’s another issue. When I win an attack against someone who gives me 6 trophies for 100% and I get 98%, why the hell do I get 4 trophies? I understand that I didn’t get 100%, but it’s only because of gate towers. Gate Towers are only in the game to prevent 100% attacks from happening. We should not get 33% of the trophies deducted because I whooped the base, but missed two maxed snake towers by the gate. Please fix your dumb game, there’s so much wrong with it

***** is this??? *****? 94%, THAT’S A WIN IN CASE YOU COULDN’T TELL, on a base that would give me 5 trophies for 100%, tell me why the hell I get 0 trophies, that’s bull**** 

Screenshot (120).jpg

Once again, just now, I get 99% on a base that gives me 6 trophies and i got 4, because there were 3 gate towers, all maxed, and I could only bring down two. Get rid of the damn gate towers and fix this algorithm!!!

yeah I agree it s not fair to loose one trophy by tower not destroyed !

And loosing 25 because we just reached the gate and not destroy it is also a big big big punition…

On one hand you got punished cause you dont get 100% and the other way around, you are punished like hell cause you loose…but if you got 100%…you only get the trophies…what about giving a reward when you get 100%…? oh wait…no…you just want us to scroll to get 100%…?



In fact there is something wrong in the assumption also. In fact 100% represents the range of max possible lost till max possible won trophy range. The pre attack screen shows you the trophies you can win when you score 100%, but it doesn’t hold any information about the trophies you can lose when scoring 0%. Of course this info is not needed to display, it would only help when dumping trophies or when an attacker sees he can’t lose trophies, it max costs him some bread.

When I see that I lose 0 trophies when I want to dump trophies, why I would even start the raid? and why would I not raid, when I can’t lose trophies, when I am not dumping? But that is off topic.

Say you can win 10 trophies. Now you score 95% due to gate towers. That doesn’t mean you need to get 95% of those 10 trophies. You forget that you can also lose trophies, so when for example you can lose 40 trophies and win 10, by scoring 95% it could mean 0 trophies and when the range is for example losing 50 and winning 10, then you might actually even lose trophies.

According to my opinion, whenever someone breaks the gate, he/she should not lose trophies PLUS when someone doesn’t break the gate defender should not lose trophies. Why punish a defender, defender has no influence on starting a raid, offender picks a base and decides to raid or not. So why punish a good defense for successfully making a raider fail? 

The arguments that a lower player should be rewarded for his attempt and getting for example 35%- makes no sense at all. He/she should not raid bases way out of his league and when he/she doesn’t succeed, he/she should never be rewarded with trophies. It even only stimulates them to raid a strong base multiple times and there is nothing the defender can do. That is so called trophy stripping. So please stop rewarding miserably failed raids.

Here some extreme example:


A raid of 8%, the player even resurrected once and even then trophies are lost? I have dozens of raids under 33% score (even a lot of them under 20%) and still trophies are lost! Now I don’t care about trophies, so for me it’s no problem. 

Player gets my base as possible attack (either by matchmaker, or by picking my base).

  • He/she gets the pre attack screen, sees a high amount of medals and not a lot of gold. 
  • The amount of medals should be a big warning sign for him/her. I even have phoebe as beast and despite the fact that my team doesn’t have defensive boosts quite often, still a lot of medals are displayed. That’s a red flag that should be a clear warning to look for another base.
  • The warning is ignored, they decide to raid. Who is to blame for this? The only one to blame is the person who decides to raid!
  • Their hero is killed pretty fast and the raid failed miserably. 
  • The trophy mechanism still rewards them for this completely failed attempt by rewarding them with trophies. That’s a joke and clear flaw in the trophy algorithm. 

What does the algorithm expect of similar bases? That we forge towers even more, so that players making mistakes even get trophy rewards for even lower percentages? Or that we only don’t lose trophies when the attacker does score 0%? I am sorry to say, but this is a farce. 

How does this motivate us to work on defense? For me the stimulation is to help my team to prevent high skull scores during wars. The less skulls an opponent scores, the more chance my team has to win. But in terms of trophies, we are punished for strengthening our defense and that’s incorrect. 

@AwesomestKnightest did start about gained trophies I realize now. I hope the start of my response explains why you get less trophies than you expect sometimes.

Hey @AwesomestKnightest

As a player I can understand your frustration. But you know one thing the trophy system has improved alot over time since the release of the game. And Yes i know nothing is perfect and we always welcome constructive feedbacks. For a healthy discussion the main thread should be as constructive as it could be and it should not contain any kind of flaming.

And to be honest, i feel this is more like a discussion post rather than a feature request. Speaking of discussion i remembered you have opened similar post here which is still open for further discussion. So i am locking and moving this thread. Please use below thread for more discussion.