Please fix this Insta-Troops bug

It doesn’t always happen, but fairly often.

I don’t know how others play, but it’s fair to assume that whoever is playing this game on PC, presses and holds their Left Mouse Button in order to make the character move (as opposed to rapidly clicking).

Sometimes when you mouse that already held Left Mouse Button over the Insta-Troops summon button (default E), it activates and needlessly summons your Insta-Troops. I am not entirely certain when this happens but I suspect often ALT+Tabbing may have some influence over it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Press and hold LMB as your move your King/Queen.
  • Once Insta-Troops cooldown finishes, move your mouse over (while still holding LMB all the time) the Insta-Troop spawn key and do not press the Insta-Troop dedicated key (E).
  • Sometimes merely mousing over the (E) Insta-Troop icon will cause the Insta-Troops to spawn.
  • Once you’ve held the LMB for a while, release it, press and hold it again - repeat several times during the run; hold for various amount of seconds, e.g. hold for 20, reset, hold for a minute, reset etc.
  • Throw in several ALT+Tabs during the run, as you are attacking.

TLDR: Simply mousing over the Insta-Troop (E) icon, while holding the Left Mouse Button should never, under any circumstances, spawn the Insta-Troops.

Similar issue I have sometimes:

I do this in pro league and it sucks

A very old issue and Flare know it but don’t care to fix it.

I will post my link of topic I made about it :

A little while after I have stop playing because too much bugs etc… so I never give update about the bug if still in the game. probably the reason why flare don’t have fix it. Sorry

I just found this too :


I thought by a very old issue you meant it’s been here for like a year or several years. If it rolled in at around December last year, then we’re still good. Considering it took them half a year to fix a simple text issue with Monk’s Healing Range disappearing from the unit’s description, they should hopefully be able to resolve this one within like 2 months, lol.

Maybe you should have looked 2 post higher in this topic first before posting this  :stuck_out_tongue: