Please fix.

Royal Revolt 2 is always crashed on my device (LG V30). Please fix asap. Thanks in advance. Ign : ILaNo.1!

I use paladin ogre wolf troops and blizzard shied sonic blast spells.

Have you sent a ticket to support? If so, you should set them up with some info so that they can look into your problem. For instance: What troops and spells are you using at the time of crash

sorry, here, didn’t give you a link lol

Still crash. I lost many skulls.

Hmm, that’s frustrating, I know you’re a higher player, so that means a lot more to you and your alliance than for me, cause my skull count is lower :stuck_out_tongue: . Still though, support doesn’t work on weekends, and it’s very possible they haven’t gotten to yours yet. After all, there have been many requests sent in because of these various bugs. Wait till Monday :grinning:  

Ooh oh if these crashes usually happen how I can play rr2.


@GalaMorgane @flaretara anything to say on this matter?