Please flare... Build this feature in.. Blocked players list for every alliance

Everyone of us try to build a proper active alliance and jumpers and inactives are a huge problem. Maybe a future update could enable alliances to add players ign to their block list… These players should not be allowed to apply to the alliance again. Right now… Generals and leaders keep track of this manually 

Even if they develop and add such feature, you’ll be limited by numbers. I suggest you & your generals doing well by tracking it manually…

Good Luck…

I think the best is to know how time ago is the last members connexion (less one Day, yellow, less three days, orange, more seven days = red)

this way we will start puzzled in between colours ?

At the place of “connected” in green yes

I guess green ment for going live…

Don’t see the need for this. You can change your alliance to invite only or apply to join. 

I don’t like the idea of naming jumpers or blocking players. It’s part of the game that you will almost always be recruiting. Flare need a language for player option. Where you can search base on what you speak. I think this will stop a lot of it.