please flare implement these rules next update

i will be stright forword 


1- new player cant participate in war season not just 30 hrs (no mercenaries) 

 because its unfair for weaker alliances members to fight others above their lvl 


2- new player who cant fight during war season shouldnt lose skull to the enemy


3- reduce the war season time to be 3 days at most with less alliances to fight 

because most of these fights are so intense sometimes you cant sleep properly during the war and we have life and job to do outside this game we cant be online always 


if you agree with me please like this post let our voice reach this company 

This would abused. On the last day of the season, lower-middle level players would get their skulls, then leave so that they couldn’t be attacked. The enemy would only be able to attack the strongest if the strong. Then they would rejoin. So definite no on #3

you got a point let me remove #3 and if you agree with the rest please like my post

Hmm… Alright

  1. I can’t disagree with that mechanism, because that’s how our alliance won ^_^’ A lot of our members became inactive between last war and this one, so I had to replace a lot of people.

  2. I completely agree that if you can’t attack, you shouldn’t /be/ attacked. Now, obviously this /could/ be abused, say, if an entire alliance left/rejoined and got unfrozen at the last minute, but I doubt that’d be a very big problem due to the 30hr rule. I’m sure some adjustments would need to be made, but I like #2 (:

  3. I believe that the season duration should be malleable. Some people find wars too stressful. At mid-level gameplay, they’re exhilarating! Our alliance, Angelic, fell from 1st place, to having 2 fiefdoms stolen, to coming back to 1st place again. Whereas I’m sure most upper alliances are stagnant, and thus, can tell who’s going to win, alliances at my level are highly unstable, and thus, stay interesting and exhilarating for the full 5 days.

It’s also interesting to note that our leading competitor, Chien Binh, just kicked all but their top 5 members, making them nearly impossible to attack, and it’s creating a sort of Rock-Paper-Scissors situations between the top 3 alliances. Pocur, with 40 members, has more high-level players than Chien. Pocur > Chien. Chien, however, has more high-level players than Angelic. Chien > Angelic. And yet, Angelic has lots of middle-range players, whereas Pocur is actually mostly lower-leveled players, meaning that we can attack them, but they can’t attack us quite as hard (: Angelic > Pocur > Chien > Angelic. So needless to say, some Seasons remain interesting even after 5 days~ *O*

One stipulation I want to make to that, though. Those who choose 3-day seasons, only get 3-day boosts. Wars are actually really hard work, so I feel that the longer seasons deserve greater rewards.

1- I feel the actual system is not bad, but it would also be ok if new players couldn’t help in the war for 24 hours.


2- I completely agree, as the new players won’t be able to help also they shouldn’t give skulls to the enemies, it must be equal.


3- I beg to differ. the current time is nice, three days is not enough to have an interesting war, not much would happen. In my case, I always sleep properly, I’m an universitary student and even so I always have time to at least fight in the war a couple of times.

I think it’s more stressful for the leaders than for anyone else ^_^’

Hi, think i posted on wrong thread. Heres a repost: ( very soory)

<<< Hi, may i also suggest a change to current system? There will be 1 or 2 players that will be targeted due to weak base but relatively high skulls count or due to some other reason, and i see that opposite players targeted these players endlessly. May i suggest flair to limit attacks in each player to say 20 attacks after which attacking players will need to find tougher players to attack.

This will test the raiding skills of the alliance as they will then need to strategize whom to attack the weaker players? I believe this change will make alliance war more interesting if each player have chance of being attacked.

Currently, i see only certain of my team members being attacked non-stop while 2/3 of the members are not attack.

Sincerely hope that flair can consider this humble suggestion. Thanks! >>>

Well, it happens I’m my alliance’s leader, we’re level 14 and have full members, I must admit in some point it became a little bit stressful, but I still can sleep properly xD

I agree, when 1/3 of the enemy alliance’s members attack the same player, he becomes unraidable and they will have to look for another bases, this would make the war more interesting. I said 1/3 because it should depend on the number of members that the enemies have, an specific number would make the new rule unfair for bigger alliances.